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For Luma Thailand Pass policy holders

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Frequently Asked Questions about Luma Thailand Pass

Luma Thailand Pass Coverage

Does the policy cover only COVID-19 or other illnesses as well?

The policy covers medical expenses for sudden and unforeseeable injuries from accident and sickness (including COVID-19) during the travel to Thailand.

Can the coverage start as soon as possible?

The policy start date should be the date you plan to arrive in Thailand because it will only be activated once you reach Thai immigration points.

Do these travel insurance plans have direct billing to the hospitals?

Yes, these plans offer direct billing for Covid-19 related inpatient medical expenses. For outpatient medical expenses, the insured must pay first and submit a reimbursement. Other inpatient cases not related to Covid-19 will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

If I am tested positive for Covid-19 during the quarantine but without showing symptoms, does the policy cover related medical costs?

Yes, if you are tested positive for Covid-19 during the state quarantine in Thailand, but not showing any symptoms; the policy will cover related medical costs according to the terms & conditions of the policy. 

Can the policy be renewed?

If you have previously purchased Luma Thailand Pass and your policy is expiring soon, you can buy a new policy while being in Thailand with the new start date that starts right after your previous policy ends (no gap in coverage).

Please make sure that the new coverage duration matches your current visa and also, if applicable, the duration of the new visa that you are planning to extend.

If you do not choose a yearly policy, kindly note that coverage will automatically stop (expire) if you fly out of Thailand, as per the terms and conditions of the policy. 

Note: The first policy will only be active when you fly to Thailand and pass Thai immigration points successfully (the day you arrive in Thailand).


Can you please confirm the certificate is accepted by Thai Consulate?

Yes. If your certificate is rejected, please contact us & we’ll help resolve the issue.  

For which type of Visa application can I use Luma Thailand Pass for?
  • COVID-19 coverage for Certificate of Entry application
  • STV visa application


Which address should I write in the application form?

The place where you will be staying in Thailand (except for Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat provinces).

What policy start date should I enter if I do not have a flight number yet?

You can fill in any future start date first. Once you have detailed travel information, you can inform our consultant to revise the date.

What does “beneficiary” mean?

A beneficiary is the person or entity you name in an insurance policy to receive the death benefit (example: wife, husband, father, mother, son or daughter).

Purpose of visit section on the application form

Please specify the purpose of your visit in Thailand. If it is for medical purpose, please contact our consultant.


In case of emergency, who can I contact?

You can call Tune at 02 078 5625 or 02 078 5621, or send an email at [email protected]

Can the claim reimbursement be paid into a local account in Thailand or also paid into the client’s account in their home country?

Both. Please inform on the below when sending the claim:
1. Account Holder Name :
2. Account Number :
3. Insured Address :
4. Telephone :
5. Bank Name and Branch:
6. Bank address :
7. SWIFT Code :
8. IBAN Code/ Routing Number (IBAN Code for European zone / Routing Number for American zone):
9. Currency :

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