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Multiple workplace studies across the world emphasize that health Insurance is one of the benefits employees value the most. 

As a company, offering employees access to medical coverage will improve employee loyalty and retention, and attract talents while keeping employees healthier and more productive.

Protect your greatest assets by investing into a corporate health insurance in Thailand. 

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group insurance in Thailand, Group Insurance

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Luma Health Insurance for companies offers employees protection against unexpected health challenges and accidents.

Developing companies can select from a wide range of health solutions specifically designed for SMEs or small local teams. Larger corporations have the option of fully tailoring the benefits according to the needs and budget of the company. 

Luma offers peace of mind to HR professionals with premium consultation and advice on choosing the best coverage for their workforce. Our consultants will walk you through the process of comparing and selecting a group policy in Thailand,  from eligibility conditions to signing up and plan administration.

Available Group Insurance in Thailand

Group Health Insurance

Health insurance for groups including coverage for inpatient, outpatient and other optional benefits.

Group Life Insurance

Life coverage from international and local life insurance partners.

Group Accident Insurance

Essential coverage for corporates to cover accident, dismemberment or loss of life.
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Tailor-Made Group Insurance

Custom your corporate health insurance according to your business needs.

Foster a healthy company culture with employee benefits

They chose Luma to protect their teams

Our experienced team will offer you advice to select the best insurance option to meet your company size and needs. We will highlight what you need to look for as an employer, and where to be vigilant. 

Our team can offer multi-language consultation and support.

Luma’s headquarters are in Bangkok, Thailand and has offices in HCMC, Vietnam, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Yangon, Myanmar.

OIC licence for non-life insurance registration number: ว00008/2555

OIC licence for life insurance registration number: ช00012/2564

For groups with at least 10 employees, medical history can be disregarded.

However, employers seeking an affordable group solution can choose to not include pre-existing conditions in order to lower insurance premiums.

Contact us to check possible scenarios. 

Yes, Luma can be setup to cover employees who are based in different locations in South East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 

Yes, you can choose to cover your teams differently depending on seniority, occupation or office location.

There is no minimum employee number within each internal plan, as long as the entire workforce (all plans) includes at least 3 employees.

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Luma Care Co., Ltd. is licensed by the Office of Insurance Commission to sell non-life insurance in Thailand (registration number: ว00008/2555) and  life insurance (registration number: ช00012/2564).