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Travel Insurance to Thailand

Insured by Baolong Insurance.

Travel Insurance to Vietnam

Insured by Baolong Insurance.

Travel Insurance to Asia

Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Insured by Baolong Insurance.

Travel Insurance to Europe

Schengen, the UK, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino and Vatican City.

Insured by Baolong Insurance.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Many travelers underestimate the importance of staying protected while traveling. Prior to the pandemic, travel insurance was merely an option. It has now become essential, if not necessary to travel anywhere.

Whether you are traveling for a couple of days or many months, staying protected with travel insurance alleviates financial burden and ensures peace of mind away from home. Here are some of the main reasons why travel insurance is a necessity. 

  • – Surpassed 30 million positive Covid-19 cases with limited hospital capacity for the uninsured in Southeast Asia
  • – Health risks associated with dangerous activities, diseases, and illnesses
  • – Coverage for travel expenses such as travel delays, loss of baggage, etc. 
  • – Access to adequate healthcare when medical attention is required

What travel insurance should I get?

Usually, a travel insurance policy provides different levels of coverage. Some travelers choose a basic plan that meets the minimum requirement of a specific country they are traveling to, but many opt for a comprehensive plan that provides sufficient coverage to wander around with peace of mind. In fact, a comprehensive plan not only covers medical expenses but also common travel hiccups such as trip delays, damaged baggage, etc. 

Nowadays, most countries accept international insurance as long as the coverage requirement for the respective country is met. However, we highly recommend a policy from a local insurance company with credentials and resources onsite. International insurance may be adequate for entry but is often limited in practicality and experience compared to locally established companies that can provide service with regional expertise.

Luma is the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to travel to or from Southeast Asia. Luma’s travel insurance provides:

  • – Wide range of coverage – tailored to all entry requirements
  • – 24/7 multilingual support – offices in Bangkok, HCMC, and Phnom Penh
  • – Expert service – more than 10 years of experience with established medical network

How much does travel insurance cost?

It depends on where you go and how many days you travel. The country you plan to travel to may have certain entry requirements for the minimum insurance coverage to enter. Many travel insurance has different levels of coverage and periods of coverage to choose from, so you can choose a plan that matches your travel requirements and budget. You might be surprised to find that sometimes regional coverage costs as much or even less than country-specific coverage. 

Luma ASEAN Pass, for example, provides coverage for 10 countries in ASEAN region with a similar if not lower premium compared to other insurance products that cover one specific country. 



Can I buy travel insurance while traveling? 

Mostly, you are required to obtain travel insurance before making the trip. Although many insurance plans cannot be purchased in the middle of the trip, there are some insurance plans you can buy to cover the extended days of your travel. 

If you plan to travel to multiple countries, you can purchase travel insurance in the middle of your trip from one point to another. Please bear in mind that a travel insurance policy covers your trip to another destination, therefore the coverage is not effective in your country of residence. 



What is covered under travel insurance?

A travel insurance policy can vary in coverage limits, but there are common benefits included in travel insurance plans. Some of these benefits include: 

  • – Medical expenses for sickness and accidents
  • – Emergency medical evacuation or repatriation
  • – Trip cancellation, postponement, curtailment
  • – Travel delay, baggage delay, loss of baggage and/or documents. 

Please be informed that some of the benefits above such as coverage related to travel are only available for higher plans. Furthermore, most travel insurance nowadays covers Covid-19, but please check the table of benefits before making a decision. 



What is the difference between health insurance and travel insurance?

Health insurance

Travel insurance

  • – Health only
  • – 1 year policy, renewable every year
  • – Long term
  • – Can cover checkups, maternity, dental, etc.
  • – Health and travel expenses
  • – Usually up to 180 days or 1 year, not renewable
  • – Short term visits or for holidays
  • – Can cover gears, equipment or vehicles

At Luma, we provide both health insurance and travel insurance. If you are interested in getting a quote for health insurance, please contact our consultants. 

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