Health Insurance in Cambodia

International Health Insurance in Cambodia for expats and Cambodian families and companies in Cambodia. 

International Health Insurance for expats in Cambodia

Welcome to LUMA, your trusted source for comprehensive health insurance in Cambodia. Whether you're an expatriate in Cambodia or a nomad seeking reliable healthcare coverage, our plans are tailored to meet your specific needs.

LUMA Health Insurance in Cambodia

Our solutions include medical insurance for expats in Cambodia and international health insurance for families living in Cambodia. With international coverage for accidents and medical emergencies, coupled with the flexibility to choose your preferred medical provider, LUMA simplifies your access to top-quality healthcare without added stress.

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Comprehensive International Health Insurance for expatriates in Cambodia


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Health Insurance in Cambodia, Health Insurance Cambodia

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Health Insurance in Cambodia, Health Insurance Cambodia


Health Care Management

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Health Insurance in Cambodia, Health Insurance Cambodia


Health Care Management

General Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance in Cambodia

Yes, private health insurance is highly recommended for expats in Cambodia. Here are the key reasons:

  • Access to Quality Healthcare in Cambodia: Private hospitals are often favored due to their advanced infrastructure and multilingual staff. However, accessing these private facilities can be more costly than local options, making private health insurance essential for securing access.

  • International Coverage: Private health insurance typically offers international or regional coverage, enabling you to seek medical treatment in neighboring countries with advanced facilities or specialist care.
  • Financial Protection: Health insurance acts as a financial safety net by covering unexpected medical expenses, sparing you from potentially crippling bills.

  • Peace of Mind: Living abroad can be unpredictable; health insurance offers peace of mind for unexpected events.

In summary, as an expat in Cambodia, private health insurance is a smart choice. It grants access to quality care, financial security, and peace of mind. 

Pre-existing conditions are usually not covered by insurers. Our current range of health insurance solutions unfortunately follows the same rule and do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Any conditions or symptoms existing before starting a plan would be considered as pre-existing. However, pre-existing conditions may be exceptionally covered if they are fully declared and accepted by the insurer.

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