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Luma Vietnam Pass

Travel insurance plans designed to meet the health insurance requirements for visitors wanting to enter Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Insured with Bao Long Insurance.

Meet the requirements by Vietnamese authorities to enter Vietnam

Luma Vietnam Pass Insurance provides a medical cover starting from 50,000 USD including Covid-19 in Vietnam. No waiting period, coverage starts as soon as you arrive in Vietnam.

Certificate of Insurance

A certificate will be provided to facilitate applications to enter Vietnam.

Easy and fast application

Easy online application, receive insurance certificate.

Compare options for Luma Vietnam Pass Insurance

CoveragePlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Medical ExpensesUp to limitUp to limitUp to limit
Follow-up Care5,650 USD5,650 USD5,650 USD
Emergency EvacuationUp to limitUp to limitUp to limit
RepatriationUp to limitUp to limitUp to limit
Hospital Cash Allowance-650 USD870 USD
Additional Costs of Travel & Accommodation-3,050 USD4,350 USD
Family Member Visit-3,050 USD4,350 USD
Return of Children-3,050 USD4,350 USD
Mortal Remains1,750 USD1,750 USD2,600 USD
Baggage and Personal Effects-700 USD1,300 USD
Baggage Delay-100 USD200 USD
Loss of Travel Document-1,300 USD1,750 USD
Personal Money-200 USD350 USD
Travel Delay Cash Allowance-100 USD150 USD
Curtailment of Trip or Cancellation Charges-4,000 USD5,650 USD
Personal Liability-56,500 USD87,000 USD
Rental Car Excess Cover-250 USD450 USD
Premium for each period of coveragePlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
1 week20 USD25 USD30 USD
2 weeks25 USD35 uSD40 USD
3 weeks35 USD40 USD50 USD
1 month50 USD60 USD80 USD
2 months90 USD100 USD110 USD
3 months110 USD130 USD140 USD
4 months130 USD150 USD180 USD
5 months160 USD200 USD230 USD
6 months180 USD250 USD270 USD
Terms and Conditions for Luma Vietnam Pass:
  1. 1. The earliest policy start date shall be the purchase date, not before.
    2. The latest policy end date shall be 180 days after the start date, at the latest.
    3. The maximum period of insurance for this Policy shall be 180 consecutive calendar days.
    4. Applicants must be aged from 4 weeks to 75 years old.
    5. Children under the age of 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult who is also insured under the same Policy.
    6. The sum insured for Personal Accident for children under 18 years old shall not exceed VND 400,000,000 (17,400USD).
    7. Policy holders shall submit claims within 6 months after occurred date of the claims.
    8. There is no direct billing for medical expenses unless the expenses exceed 1,000 USD and that the arrangement is coordinated by the Insurer or its designated assistance company.
    9. This policy does not cover preexisting conditions, general exclusions nor medical expenses exclusions as stated in the Policy Wording.
Luma Vietnam Pass, Luma Vietnam Pass

Luma Vietnam Pass Insurance

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Luma Vietnam Pass, Luma Vietnam Pass

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“Luma Vietnam Pass” is the commercial name of the domestic travel insurance policy insured by Bao Long Insurance.

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