What is a NIPT test

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT), also known as Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS), is a test for pregnant women to screen the risk of their baby being born with certain genetic disorders. The test analyzes the baby's DNA that has been passed to the mother's bloodstream during pregnancy. The NIPT Test primarily analyzes the risk of Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18), and Patau Syndrome (Trisomy 13).
A NIPT Test is carried out by simply drawing blood from the mother after 10 weeks into pregnancy. The NIPT Test can reveal the baby's gender during the first trimester, while traditional ultrasound can reveal the gender during the second trimester.


Non-invasive screening with no increased risk of miscarriage


Detects more than 99% of cases of Down Syndrome


A simple blood sample drawn by a nurse who comes to you


5 days to receive the results


Tested by GC Genome in South Korea, serviced by G-NIPT in Thailand

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Luma NIPT TestLocal NIPT Test 1Local NIPT Test 2Local NIPT Test 3US brand NIPT Test
Trisomy 21, 18, 13
Trisomy 9,16,22
Gender identification
Sex chromosomes Aneuplodies
Chomosome 1-23 Aneuploidies
Results delay5 days7-10 days7-10 days7-10 days7-14 days
False negative insurance*2,000,000 THB2,000,000 THB2,000,000 THB (only Trisomy 13/18/21)2,000,000 THB
ServiceAt home service with nurseAt hospitalAt clinicAt clinicAt clinic
Price13,900 THB in Bangkok
14,400 THB outside Bangkok
13,500 THB29,900 THB16,900 THB23,000 THB excluding doctor fee

Luma has compiled the above table based on latest prices listed by similar NIPT test offer providers in Thailand (updated on November 2021). 


* Insurance provided by a third party. 


Luma NIPT Test

in Bangkok
฿ 13,900
  • Delivery
  • Nurse service

Luma NIPT Test

outside Bangkok
฿ 14,400
  • Delivery
  • Nurse service

Members insured with Asia Care Plus in Thailand benefit from 1,000 THB discount per NIPT test ordered (limited to one order per year of policy).

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I am grateful for Luma's guidance through my first trimester of pregnancy. I ordered my NIPT test very easily via Line, arranged for the nurse to come to my place and received the results in less than a week, just in time for my visit to the OBGYN.
Luma NIPT Test Testimonial
Naly S.
Mom of 1
For my second pregnancy, I got help from Luma to get tested for Down Syndrome. Everything went very smooth, from my booking to the test results.
Luma NIPT Test Testimonial
Thuyvan Z.
Mom of 2

More about NIPT Test – Frequently Asked Questions

Accuracy rates depends on the chromosome.

The NIPT test examines cell-free DNA (cfDNA) released from the placenta into the mother’s bloodstream. The NIPT test detects chromosomal abnormalities within this fetal cfDNA present in the mother’s blood, with a simple blood draw.

A NIPT test is a screening test — not a diagnostic test. This means that it can’t diagnose a genetic condition with certainty. It can, however, predict whether the risk of a genetic condition is high or low. Therefore, you need to have the results read by a professional. We strongly recommend you to take the results to your OBGYN to interpret the results.

Any pregnant women could get a NIPT test but it is especially recommended for pregnant women:

– aged over 35 years old

– who have a personal/family history of chromosomal disorder (or from the baby’s father)

Yes, our package includes the option of having fetal sex reported.

NIPT test is performed by collecting blood sample which poses no threat to fetus.

The blood sample will be sent GC Genome, a leading clinical genomic laboratory in South Korea. Our laboratory service accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) from the USA which is the largest association to provide a laboratory accreditation and is a gold standard in laboratory quality assurance.

Our nurse practitioner will come to your preferred place and collect the blood sample.

We recommend you to talk to your doctor for next course of action that may include further testing.