Personal Health Insurance

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Ensure the peace of mind that comes with a premium health insurance plan. LUMA’s personal insurance solutions provide families and individuals living in Asia and other regions the coverage they need to be fully protected anywhere anytime. Whether you wish for only the most essential inpatient care, or plans with high levels of comprehensive coverage.

They chose Luma Health Insurance
Why choose Luma for medical insurance?

Luma members have access to top hospitals in South East Asia, without having to advance payment (direct billing services).

Our experienced in-house medical team can refer our members to the best doctors and medical facilities in order to get a second medical opinion and grant peace of mind when it comes to receiving the best course of treatment. 

Our team can offer multi-language consultation and support. Luma's headquarters are in Bangkok, Thailand and has offices in HCMC, Vietnam, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Yangon, Myanmar.

Who can apply to Luma health insurance plans?

Working expatriates in and their families, national residents, and companies seeking local group health insurance.

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