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Live your life in Indonesia to the fullest knowing Luma has you covered for all things health. The public healthcare in Indonesia can be challenging for foreigners living in the country. Many foreigners have chosen to have a private health insurance to ensure access to healthcare in Indonesia.

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Health Insurance Indonesia, Health Insurance Indonesia


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Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance for Indonesia

How is the public healthcare landscape in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s public healthcare system has its limitations, with the most advanced facilities primarily centered around Jakarta. Foreigners residing in Indonesia can access public hospitals, but they should be prepared for long queues and potential language barriers when communicating with Indonesian medical staff. It’s worth noting that public hospitals in Indonesia may have limited access to specialists and medical equipment.

Do foreigners have access to Indonesian healthcare benefits?

Foreigners who are legally employed by a company in Indonesia are automatically enrolled in the Indonesian social security program, which provides some medical coverage at public healthcare facilities. However, many expatriates living in Indonesia opt for private international health insurance to ensure comprehensive coverage for their medical needs.

Is there any private hospitals in Indonesia?

Yes, there are private hospitals and clinics across Indonesia, offering higher service standards compared to the public sector. Expatriates living in Indonesia also have the option to seek medical treatment in neighboring countries such as Singapore or Thailand, which are popular medical destinations. Therefore, having global medical coverage that aligns with your lifestyle and medical care preferences is crucial.

What are the top hospitals in Indonesia?

LUMA members residing in Indonesia commonly choose to visit hospitals like Siloam Hospitals, BIMC Hospitals, and RS Hospitals within the country. You can explore all the hospitals and clinics within LUMA’s network in Indonesia by checking our preferred Medical Network.

Check Luma’s preferred Medical Network to see all hospitals and clinics within Luma’s network in Indonesia.

What are the common health hazards when living in Indonesia?

  1. Pollution: Indonesia’s dense population and large cities often experience high levels of pollution, leading to respiratory chronic conditions such as allergies and asthma.

  2. Tropical Diseases: Indonesia is prone to tropical diseases, including mosquito-borne illnesses like Malaria and Dengue.

  3. Road Accidents: Road accidents pose a significant risk for residents of Indonesia.

    While there are no specific vaccines required for entry into the country, it is strongly recommended that you follow your home country’s routine vaccination schedule, which can be found on your country’s embassy website. Additionally, consulting with local doctors is advisable, as there may be specific vaccines strongly recommended for those living in Indonesia, such as the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine for children.

How is the emergency service in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, ambulances often entail low-equipped, paid transportation services. We strongly recommend that foreigners residing in Indonesia keep emergency contacts provided by their health insurance provider and preferred hospital readily available to anticipate and address any emergency situations.


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