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Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore
Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

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Travel Insurance for Singapore

Highest Coverage for Medical Expenses, Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation.

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

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Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

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Benefits designed to cover you in Singapore. 

Travel Insurance Cover Highlights

Top medical cover and travel benefits for your trip to Singapore:

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

Covers Medical Costs from 200,000 USD to Paid in Full

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Comprehensive Medical Cover

Highest Emergency Medical Expenses Cover

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Paid in Full

trip cancellation

Trip Cancellation

Covered Up to 5,000 USD

trip interruption

Trip Interruption

Covered Up to 5,000 USD

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Lost Baggage

Covered Up to 1,500 USD

Check the details of LUMA Asia Pass Travel Medical Insurance policy before buying.

LUMA Teams at Your Service

24/7 Hotline

Access LUMA’s emergency hotline available every day at all time, to help you in case of need.

MediPro Team

Privileged access to the Medipro team of international doctors to seek guidance about any medical-related needs during your trip.

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Dr. Gerard

Emergency Medicine, Aviation & Tropical Diseases

25 Years of Medical Experience

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Dr. Kao

Health Care Management

General Practitioner

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Dr. Patrick

Health Care Management

General Practitioner

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Dr. Thet

Internal Medicine & Rehabilitation Medicine

9 Years of Medical Experience

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Insurance to Singapore

Do I need travel insurance for Singapore?

While it is not mandatory, having travel insurance for Singapore is strongly advised, particularly for international visitors. It serves as a safety net, as medical costs in Singapore are on the higher end. Protecting against unforeseen financial setbacks in cases of medical emergencies, trip interruptions, delays, lost luggage, and other covered circumstances.

What should my travel insurance for Singapore cover?

Your travel insurance coverage for your Singapore travel insurance plan should cover:

Medical Expenses: This type of coverage will pay for the cost of medical treatment if you become ill or injured while traveling. This is especially important, as medical care in Singapore can be expensive.

Trip cancellation: This type of coverage will reimburse you for the cost of your prepaid travel expenses if you have to cancel your trip to Singapore for an unforeseen reason, such as illness or a natural disaster.

How much does travel insurance for Singapore cost?

The price of Singapore’s travel insurance is dependent on two things: the duration of your trip and the extent of coverage you seek. Generally, you can expect an approximate cost of $10 per day for comprehensive coverage.

Does LUMA Asia Pass cover pre-existing conditions?

LUMA Asia Pass policy does not cover for any pre existing medical conditions. In other words, all medical expenses incurred because of a condition you already had before the start of the travel policy, won’t be covered by LUMA Asia Pass. 

Can I buy LUMA Asia Pass for a business trip to Singapore?

Yes, LUMA Asia Pass can be purchased if you are planning a business trip to Singapore. 

Please note however that manual work and/or any hazardous work are excluded from cover. Please read the full policy wording to understand coverage and exclusions before buying. 

I plan to go to Singapore and Malaysia in the same trip, do I need to buy 2 travel insurances?

No you don’t need to purchase 2 policies. LUMA Asia Pass offers a multi-trip coverage within the zone of cover. Make sure to select Zone 2 when purchasing (to cover Singapore). 

Last, please note the cover cannot exceed 180 days. 

Travel Insurance Benefits

Medical Benefits

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

LUMA Asia Pass provides coverage for both inpatient and outpatient treatments in Singapore for covered conditions. Given the potentially high medical expenses in Singapore, arrangements for direct billing can be made when pre-approved for medical bills exceeding $1000 USD. However, it’s important to note that pre-existing conditions and conditions related to these pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Travel Benefits

Travel Insurance Singapore, Travel insurance for Singapore

Trip Cancellation

Keep your journey to Singapore worry-free with our Trip Cancellation coverage. This protection safeguards you from losing deposits or incurring additional expenses due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, emergencies, or natural disasters. You have the flexibility to cancel or shorten your trip and receive reimbursement for any unused expenses.
trip interruption

Trip Interruption

If your journey in Singapore is unexpectedly shortened due to reasons such as illness, emergencies, or natural disasters, rest assured that you’ll be reimbursed for the unused portion of your travel expenses. Whether it involves returning home sooner or arranging alternative accommodations, our coverage offers peace of mind, enabling you to fully enjoy your travels without worry.

Travel Tips for Singapore

Be aware of Singaporean Laws

Singapore is known for its strict laws, which apply to both tourists and locals. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws before you travel, as even minor offenses can result in hefty fines. For example, littering is a serious offense in Singapore, and you can be fined for even small infractions. Be sure to dispose of your trash properly in the designated bins.

Save money with an EZ-Link card

Singapore has a reputation for being expensive, but you can save money by using an EZ-Link card to ride the LRT and MRT trains. The public transportation system is efficient and easy to use, making it the best way to get around the city.

Pack light and comfortable clothing

Singapore has a hot and humid climate, so be sure to pack breathable, lightweight clothing. It’s also a good idea to bring waterproof clothing and an umbrella, as it can rain at any time of year.

Keep emergency numbers handy

In case of an emergency, call 999 for the police or 995 for the fire department and ambulance service. For flight information, call 1800 543 4422.


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