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Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

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Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

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Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

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Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

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Travel Insurance Benefits

Medical Benefits

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

The LUMA Asia Pass extends coverage for both inpatient and outpatient treatments in the Maldives for covered conditions. It's essential to adhere to standard practices, and all costs must be reasonable. For information on the necessary documents for claims, please refer to the policy.

Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives


Following an Emergency Evacuation, assistance with repatriation is available if necessary. It's crucial to understand that the decision and coordination of repatriation fall under the exclusive responsibility of the Insurer and/or the Assistance Company.

Travel Benefits

Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

Trip Cancellation

Safeguard your trip to the Maldives. With our Trip Cancellation coverage, you're protected against losing deposits or incurring extra expenses due to unexpected events like illness, emergencies, or natural disasters. You can cancel or shorten your trip and get reimbursed for unused expenses. Please note: Coverage for this benefit starts from the policy issue date until the departure date indicated in the itinerary.

trip interruption

Trip Interruption

If your trip to the Maldives is cut short due to reasons such as illness, emergencies, or natural disasters, rest assured you'll be reimbursed for the unused portion of your travel expenses. Whether it involves returning home sooner or arranging alternative accommodations, our coverage provides peace of mind, enabling you to fully enjoy your travels to the Maldives without worry.

Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

Flight Delay

If your flight faces delays due to factors like adverse weather, strikes, or technical issues outside your home country and beyond your control, this travel insurance provides coverage. Compensation is available for every full 6-hour delay, up to the specified policy limit. To qualify, the delay must exceed 6 hours and not result from failure to check in or reconfirm on time. Additionally, your booking must be confirmed before any known issues arise. Ensure you obtain official documentation from the airline detailing the cause, date, time, and duration of the delay. Please note that this coverage excludes issues existing at the policy’s commencement or problems caused by government authorities.

Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

Baggage Delay

If your luggage is temporarily lost upon arrival in the Maldives for at least 6 hours, this travel insurance covers emergency purchases of essential toiletries and clothing. It's essential to note that the delay should not result from customs or government officials, and you must submit documentation, including original purchase receipts.

Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

Lost Baggage

This Travel Insurance to the Maldives offers compensation for loss, breakage, or damage caused directly by theft, robbery, burglary, accidents, or mishandling by carriers during the insured person’s journey. To qualify for coverage, the loss must be reported to local authorities or carriers within 24 hours. However, it’s important to note that this benefit does not cover loss or damage due to delay, confiscation, wear and tear, or loss of specific items like cash, electronics, fragile articles, and more. For comprehensive details and exclusions, please consult the policy.

LUMA Travel Insurance Maldives Reviews

Jeremiah Ell
Jeremiah Ell
Read More
I went to the Luma office in need of travel insurance for a trip in Southeast Asia. I met Clara who walked me thru the travel insurance details and different options available. She was familiar with all aspects of the policy and was able to answer my questions. Reccomended 😇
Suneet Maheshwari
Suneet Maheshwari
Read More
Most happy with prompt response of Luma's insurance team online. Specifically I would like to mention the name of Mr Nattawut Promkerd
Stephen Roberts
Stephen Roberts
Read More
After looking at many other companies, I decided to use Luma. Excellent product options and value for money. The staff explained my product options to me and were always helpful. Answering my questions promptly. The overall service was excellent.

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Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

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Travel Insurance Maldives, Travel Insurance Maldives

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Frequently Asked about Travel Insurance for Maldives

Do I require travel insurance for Maldives?

While travel insurance is not obligatory for visiting the Maldives, having it is highly advisable. Medical expenses in the Maldives can be costly, and foreign visitors may not be covered by the country’s public healthcare system. The Maldives presents specific health risks, including food poisoning, waterborne diseases, and respiratory infections. Travel insurance can provide coverage for medical expenses and other unforeseen costs such as trip cancellation or interruption, lost luggage, and emergency transportation.

What is the cost of travel insurance for Maldives?

The cost of travel insurance for the Maldives may vary depending on factors such as the duration of your trip, the level of coverage chosen, and your departure location. Travel insurance plans for the Maldives can start at just a few USD per day.

Is a visa required for Maldives?

Depending on your nationality, some travelers may require a visa to enter the country. For certain nationalities, the visa can be obtained upon arrival at the airport. Given the dynamic nature of visa regulations, it’s crucial to verify the current requirements with the embassy in your respective country before traveling to the Maldives.

Where are you evacuated in case of medical emergency in the Maldives?

While facing a medical emergency is never ideal, understanding your evacuation options in the Maldives can provide peace of mind during your trip. Here’s a breakdown of some potential destinations, keeping in mind that the best choice depends on the specific situation:


  • Sri Lanka: As the closest neighbor at roughly 700 kilometers, Colombo offers well-equipped hospitals for diverse medical needs. This might be the quickest option for certain emergencies.

Specialized Care:

  • India: Major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai boast a wider range of specialized medical facilities compared to Sri Lanka. While further away, they could be ideal for specific medical conditions requiring unique expertise.

World-Class Infrastructure:

  • Singapore: Renowned for its cutting-edge medical infrastructure and highly skilled specialists, Singapore offers the highest level of care. However, the distance (around 3,000 kilometers) translates to increased cost and travel time.

Balance and Accessibility:

  • Thailand: Bangkok strikes a balance between advanced medical care and relative proximity. Bangkok’s renowned hospitals offer excellent services, making it a viable option for many emergencies.

Travel Tips for The Maldives

Expect Everything to be Expensive
Be ready for higher prices across the board in the Maldives. From meals to exciting activities, expect costs to be about double the usual. This is mainly because the Maldives imports all its resources, making everything more expensive.


Staying Connected: Secure a Sim Card

Despite unpredictable WiFi, a reliable 4G signal prevails. Ensure connectivity by obtaining a local sim card for uninterrupted communication during your island-hopping journey.


Alcohol and Currency Etiquette

Respect the predominantly Muslim culture of the Maldives by refraining from bringing alcohol into the country. Keep USD on hand, widely accepted across the islands, for smooth transactions.


Ideal Visiting Time

The optimal time to visit is from November to April for the best weather conditions.


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