How to Claim

Step 1

Fill the claim form (download below). 

Please disclose all details of your injury and diagnosis to the insurer to facilitate claim assessment. See example of a filled receivable claim form.

For Covid-19 positive, please prepare:

1. Copy of the policy table
2. Copy of passport containing personal information of the insured
3. Copy of passport stamped through immigration into the country
4. RT-PCR results from the country of origin

Step 2

Send all required documents specified in the claim form, with filled and signed claim form to:
Claim Department
Tune Insurance PCL.
3199 Maleenont Tower
14th Floor, Rama IV Road
Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Step 3

Reimbursement will occur within 15 days after complete claim is submitted. 

Contact information for emergency and claims:

+66020785625   |   +66020785621