How much does travel insurance to Vietnam cost?

The cost of travel insurance to Vietnam varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Trip duration
  • Medical coverage
  • Travel benefits
  • Single trip or multiple trip policy

You can expect to pay approximately USD 6/day for a standard travel insurance plan for 1 week. If you plan a longer trip, for example, 1 month, the cost per day can be as low as USD 1.50/day. Keep reading to see sample prices for LUMA’s Asia Pass for Vietnam:

cost of vietnam travel insurance

Travel Insurance Cost from USA to Vietnam

1 Week47 USD63 USD111 USD228 USD
2 Weeks54 USD66 USD112 USD238 USD

Travel Insurance Cost from UK to Vietnam

1 Week26 GBP32 GBP56 GBP104 GBP
2 Weeks33 GBP47 GBP77 GBP124 GBP

Travel Insurance Cost from Australia to Vietnam

1 Week56 AUD75 AUD121 AUD199 AUD
2 Weeks78 AUD106 AUD169 AUD317 AUD

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How Much Can You Save with Travel Insurance in Vietnam?

Medical Expenses

Medical care in Vietnam is not always cheap, and unexpected medical situations can quickly become expensive without travel insurance. Here are some examples of medical costs in Vietnam:


  • Minor stitches: 30 – 200 USD for an outpatient consultation
  • Accident requiring a cast: 70 – 200 USD for an outpatient consultation
  • Bacterial diarrhea: From 40 USD for an outpatient consultation to over 1,500 USD for hospitalization
  • Dengue fever: From 80 USD for an outpatient consultation, and can reach 4,000 USD+ for an Inpatient stay
  • Major surgeries: From 4,000 to 25,000 USD, but can go higher depending on the severity

Motorbike Accidents

Motorbikes are popular in Vietnam, but they also pose a high risk of accidents. Here’s a look at approximate costs for motorbike accident injuries:

  • Simple bone fracture: 800 USD or more
  • Severe bone fracture: 7,000 USD or more
  • Multiple bone fractures: 25,000 USD to 50,000 USD or more
  • Internal bleeding: 12,000 USD or more


Trip Cancellations & Delays

Unexpected events can mess up your Vietnam trip and cost you money if you can’t cancel and get reimbursed.

Travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage can be your safety net. Here’s the deal:

  • Get Reimbursed: If illness, family emergencies, or even flight cancellations force you to ditch your trip, travel insurance can cover prepaid expenses like flights, hotels, and tours.
  • Read the Fine Print: Before you buy, understand what situations trigger coverage and what’s excluded. This avoids surprises later.
vietnam travel insurance cost

Factors Affecting Travel Insurance Costs in Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam is exciting! To ensure a smooth trip, consider travel insurance. Here’s what influences the cost of your Vietnamese travel insurance policy:


  • Trip Duration: Longer trips in Vietnam generally mean higher travel insurance costs. This reflects the increased chance of needing medical attention or facing trip cancellations during extended stays. While the total price goes up, the daily cost typically decreases with longer coverage.
  • Age: Some Vietnamese travel insurance plans might have age-based premiums, with higher costs for older travelers.
  • Coverage Level: The level of protection you choose significantly impacts the price. Opting for comprehensive coverage in Vietnam, including medical and travel expenses, will likely cost more than basic plans. Remember, the more the plan covers, the higher the price.

Tips for Choosing Vietnamese Travel Insurance:


  • Read Carefully: Don’t be swayed by seemingly cheap plans. Scrutinize the policy details to avoid hidden limitations.
  • Match Coverage to Your Trip: Select a plan that aligns with your activities and trip style in Vietnam.
  • Read the Fine Print:  Before purchasing any Vietnamese travel insurance, thoroughly read the policy wording to understand what’s covered.

By considering these factors, you can choose the most suitable and affordable travel insurance for your Vietnamese adventure! Have a wonderful trip!

Level of Coverage

The price of your travel insurance in Vietnam depends greatly on the level of coverage you choose. Opting for a higher-tier plan typically means you’ll receive comprehensive protection for both medical and travel-related expenses, based on the specific benefits outlined in each plan. Remember: the more extensive the coverage, the higher the cost. While some plans may offer extensive coverage at lower prices, it’s essential to carefully review the policy details. If a deal seems too good to be true, take the time to understand any potential hidden drawbacks. Ultimately, select coverage that fits your trip and planned activities, and thoroughly review the policy details before purchasing your travel insurance plan. Best wishes for safe and enjoyable travels in Vietnam!

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