What type of travel insurance do I need for Thailand?

The type of travel insurance you need is a comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for medical coverage, trip cancellation, motorbike accidents (a very common means for transportation in thailand) and emergency evacuation. Be sure to get adequate coverage depending on the activities you are going to take part in.

What type of travel insurance do I need for Thailand

Understanding Thailand’s Risks as a Travel Destination

The country also offers a variety of activities for travelers, from the busy Bangkok city life to relaxing on the beach to exploring the vibrant nightlife. However, just like any other country it has its risks.

Some common risks to be aware of:

  • The risk of a motorbike accidents in Thailand
  • The risk of natural disasters such as flooding and tsunamis. (During the rainy season flooding can be a major issue)
  • The potential for accidents or illnesses while participating in adventurous activities
  • The prevalence of petty theft and scams targeting tourists (Thailand is seeing a growing rate of pick pocketing)
  • The risk of food poisoning or other health issues due to unfamiliar foods and water. (Thailand food is colorful, vibrant and full of flavor. This also means a lot of spices!)

So, with these risks in mind, it’s a good idea to have travel insurance that can provide comprehensive coverage.

Coverage Types to Consider

  • Medical insurance

    which helps with hospital bills as the medical bill in Thailand can pile up if you are in for a serious illness. However most policies will exclude pre-existing conditions, be sure to check.
  • Trip cancellation

    insurance may cover your pre-booked non refundable purchases for your trip in case your flight gets canceled due to a serious injury or illness, be sure to read the policy wording to see in which situation you would be covered.
  • Motorbike Accident insurance

    covers the medical treatment if there is a serious injury due to motorbike accident. This is very common in Thailand as it is a common means of transport. You must be following proper traffic rules. Be sure to check your policy wording.
  • Evacuation insurance

    is good if you’re on a remote island somewhere in Thailand and need emergency help. Just make sure to check all the details in the policy wording of your travel insurance.
which type of travel insurance do I need for Thailand?

Consider the type of trip to Thailand

There are several types of travel insurance policies that may be suitable for a trip to Thailand.

Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Single-trip travel insurance is designed to cover one specific trip. This type of policy is ideal for those who are only traveling to Thailand once.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you plan on traveling to Thailand multiple times in a year, a multi-trip travel insurance policy may be a more cost-effective option. This type of policy covers multiple trips within a specified time period, and can be extended to specific regions.

LUMA’s Asia Pass is a multi-trip coverage within Asia, so if you are looking to travel to more than one country in Asia, you’ll just need one insurance policy to cover multiple countries.

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