Lost Baggage Insurance


What is Lost Baggage Insurance?

Lost Baggage Insurance is a travel insurance benefit that reimburses you for the financial loss if your baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip. The actual coverage depends on the insurance company. Some might exclude valuables like electronics, jewelry, or expensive clothing and others may have some limits.

Carry-on vs. Checked baggage:

Lost Baggage Insurance typically covers both checked baggage and carry-on baggage. However, there might be slight variations depending on your insurance provider. Be sure to check the policy details to avoid any surprises.



What does Lost Baggage insurance cover?

Lost Baggage Insurance generally covers:


  • Lost: This is the most common scenario, where your baggage goes missing during your trip.
  • Stolen: If your baggage is unfortunately stolen, the insurance can help reimburse you for their contents.
  • Damaged: In case your luggage gets mishandled and damaged during your trip, the insurance might cover repairs or replacements.

Important Requirements:


  • Timely reporting: You’ll need to report the loss to local authorities (within 24 hours) if it’s stolen, and to the carrier (airline) immediately if it happens during transit. Obtain documentation from both parties.
  • Taking care of your belongings: The insurance expects you to take reasonable precautions with your bags, like not leaving them unattended in public places.
  • Damage claim process: For claims related to damaged items, you might need to present the damaged luggage for inspection by the insurance company.
  • Coverage limits: Be aware of the maximum payout amount outlined in your insurance policy. This might be a single limit for everything or separate limits for different categories (e.g., electronics).

Every travel insurance will have slightly different coverage limits or even definitions, so be sure you read the policy wording very carefully.



What is not covered by Lost Baggage insurance cover?

While Lost Baggage Insurance is a lifesaver, it’s important to understand what it doesn’t cover. Here are some common exclusions:



  • Delayed Deliveries: If your suitcase is late but eventually shows up, lost baggage insurance usually won’t reimburse you for the inconvenience. Some plans might offer specific coverage for delayed deliveries, so be sure to double-check your policy details.
  • Pre-existing Damage: Had a slightly broken zipper before your trip? Unfortunately, lost baggage insurance won’t cover any damage that existed before you flew.
  • Cash and Important Documents: Lost baggage insurance typically doesn’t cover cash, credit cards, travel documents (passports, tickets), or other valuables like checks or stocks.
  • Electronics and Fragile Items: These can be covered but usually with limits, however be careful with expensive electronics (laptops, cameras, phones), jewelry, and fragile items (glassware, artwork) – some policies might exclude them completely.
  • Normal Wear and Tear: Lost baggage insurance isn’t meant to replace worn-out luggage or clothes. It covers unexpected damage, not everyday wear.
  • Unattended Belongings: Leaving your bags unattended in public places (airports, trains) might void your coverage if they get stolen.
  • Double Coverage: If you already have insurance for something (like jewelry), lost baggage insurance might not cover it again.

Every insurance policy is different. To be sure you understand exactly what’s not covered, take a close look at your policy wording.  If anything seems unclear, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance provider before your trip for clarification. 


Do I need Lost Baggage?

Lost baggage, though not super common, can happen. Here’s how to decide if Lost Baggage Insurance is right for you:

  • Value of belongings: If you’re packing expensive items, insurance provides peace of mind.
  • Length of trip: For longer trips where you need to pack more essentials, insurance is a good idea.
  • Travel style: If you’re traveling on tight connections or to destinations with a higher risk of theft, consider insurance.

How much cover do I need for Lost Baggage?

The coverage amount you choose depends on the value of your belongings. Most policies offer different coverage tiers. Generally, it’s better to stay on the side of caution and get enough coverage to replace your baggage and its contents.


How much does Lost Baggage insurance cost?

The cost of Lost Baggage Insurance varies depending on the coverage amount, trip duration, and your destination. It’s usually a small percentage of your overall trip cost. Usually it will not be a stand alone benefit. It will usually be covered under the whole travel insurance policy. A typical travel insurance policy can range from 50 USD to 200 USD, but this really depends. It is best to select a couple insurance providers and get a quick quote.


How does Lost Baggage Insurance work in real-life examples?

Here’s an example:

  • You travel to China with two carry-on bags containing items worth (total value: $700).
  • Unfortunately, one of your bags gets stolen while you are in China. You had your laptop in there with $500 and want to claim it.
  • With Lost Baggage Insurance with a coverage limit of $500, you can file a claim and get reimbursed for the laptop, if your insurance covers personal laptops.

Lost Baggage Insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection for your belongings while you travel. By understanding what it covers and how much you need, you can ensure a smooth and worry-free travel experience!

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