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Trip interruption insurance provides a financial safety net if you’re forced to interrupt your trip due to covered reasons. However, navigating the world of travel insurance can be confusing. It’s important to understand what exactly defines trip interruption insurance. Read our blog on Trip Interruption Insurance to get a deep understanding.

Trip Interruption Travel Insurance Thailand

Is Trip Interruption recommended for Vietnam?


Considering trip interruption insurance is advisable for travels to Vietnam, particularly if you’ve made non-refundable bookings and are journeying from afar.



Vietnam-Specific Factors:


Political Stability: Although Vietnam generally enjoys political stability, unexpected events can still occur, they can cause you to cut your trip short.


Natural Disasters: The country experiences monsoon season (May to October), bringing potential risks like typhoons and floods. Having coverage can prove invaluable if your trip is impacted by severe weather.


Reminder: Always review the policy terms carefully to ensure you grasp the covered scenarios, as some insurance policies may offer extensive coverage but limit it to very specific circumstances.




How much Trip Interruption coverage do you need for Vietnam?


The amount of trip interruption coverage you need for Vietnam depends on personal preference however here are some  factors to consider:



  • Non-refundable Costs:  Add up the cost of your flights to Vietnam, pre-paid accommodation (hotels, tours, activities) that wouldn’t be refunded if you had to cut your trip short. This is the primary factor to consider.
  • Trip Length:  Longer trips through Vietnam generally warrant higher coverage amounts. The longer you’re there, the greater the chance of something unexpected happening.
  • Risk Tolerance: How comfortable are you potentially losing these non-refundable costs if needed?

For example if you are traveling from the US to Vietnam, a trip interruption coverage of 3,000-5,000 USD would be a good amount. As it considers flight costs and the changes they come with.


Let’s say you are selecting your trip interruption insurance from LUMA’s Asia Pass.

You have three choices to pick from:


Coverage1,000 USD3,000 USD5,000 USD

Considering the factors above you can make an informed decision of how much coverage you will need.

💡Tip:Make sure to carefully review the policy terms to ensure you grasp the covered scenarios, as some insurance policies may provide extensive coverage but only for very specific circumstances.

Trip Interruption for Vietnam Real Examples:

Question: I’m in Ho Chi Minh City but I’m just not liking it here. I want to cut my trip short and head to a beach resort in Thailand instead. Can I claim trip interruption benefits for the unused portion of my Vietnam trip?


Answer: No, trip interruption coverage typically doesn’t apply to change of plans or dissatisfaction with your destination. It’s designed for unforeseen circumstances that force you to return home early.


Question: I was exploring the beautiful Hoi An Ancient Town, but unfortunately, I experienced a sudden appendicitis attack. I need immediate surgery and have to fly back home for treatment. Will my trip interruption insurance cover the costs?


Answer: Most likely, yes!  This scenario involves a medical emergency, which is a covered reason in most trip interruption policies.  Be sure to keep all medical documentation for your claim.


Always make sure to read the policy wording of your travel insurance policy as each one if specific to what is covered and isn’t.

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