Baggage Delay for Travel Insurance Vietnam

Baggage delay coverage can provide assistance if your luggage fails to arrive when you reach Vietnam. Specific reimbursements are available to help offset financial costs until your baggage is delivered. For a complete grasp of the terms and conditions surrounding baggage delay coverage, explore our blog on Baggage Delay Insurance.

baggage delay insurance vietnam

Is Baggage Delay recommended for Vietnam?

It depends! It’s a personal call. If you’re on a tight budget and pack strategically, you might skip it. However, for peace of mind and immediate access to essentials are priorities, baggage delay coverage can be a valuable addition to your Vietnam travel insurance plan.



You can also consider:


Domestic vs. International Flights: Domestic flights within Vietnam typically have a lower risk of baggage delays compared to international journeys with multiple connections. So if you are an international traveler coming to Vietnam, then it might be a good idea to get baggage delay insurance.


Airline Reputation: Research the baggage handling record of the specific airline(s) you’re flying with. Some Vietnamese airlines like Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air have decent reputations for on-time baggage delivery.


How much Baggage Delay coverage do you need for Vietnam?

The appropriate amount of baggage delay coverage for Vietnam varies based on individual circumstances rather than a universal standard. It hinges on the value of essential items for each traveler. Consider this scenario: If someone waits for their baggage for over 6 hours and only needs to purchase a toothbrush and a shirt, they may not require a substantial coverage amount.


  • Sufficient Coverage ($100-200 USD): This might be sufficient for short domestic trips with a carry-on essentials kit. It could cover basic necessities like a change of clothes and toiletries.
  • Decent Coverage ($200-400 USD): A good option for most travelers, especially for international flights or longer trips. This could cover a wider range of essentials and some unexpected costs.

Baggage Delay for Vietnam Real Examples:

Question: “I’ve been waiting at Da Nang International Airport for 2 hours now. I’m unsure if my luggage is delayed or lost. Can I claim reimbursement for essential items?”


Answer: Unfortunately, reimbursement wouldn’t be possible yet. Most Vietnamese travel insurance policies have a waiting period before you can claim for a delayed bag. This is typically 4-6 hours (for LUMA Asia Pass it’s 6 hours). Additionally, you’d need an official document from the airline declaring your baggage is delayed.

Question: “My flight arrived on time in Ho Chi Minh City, but my luggage containing all my toiletries and medications is missing. I filed a Lost Item Report with the airline, and they confirmed it’s delayed. Can I be reimbursed for essential items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and medication for the next 24 hours?”


Answer: In this case, you’d likely be eligible to claim for essential items. However, the specific items covered depend on your Vietnamese travel insurance policy. Most policies will reimburse reasonable expenses for essentials purchased while waiting for your delayed luggage, up to a policy limit.


It’s very important that you read your specific travel insurance policy wording to know exactly what is covered and under which circumstance. 

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