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Comprehensive travel insurance policies typically include coverage for flight delays, which can be especially advantageous during lengthy or multi-leg trips to Vietnam. It’s important to note that the details of travel insurance coverage can differ, thus it’s recommended to verify the specifics. Explore our blog on Flight Delay Insurance for a comprehensive understanding of this beneficial feature.

flight delay insurance vietnam

Is Flight Delay Insurance recommended for Vietnam?

This also depends on the type of flight route you will be taking. Flight delays can happen anywhere, but specifically for Vietnam the main factor to consider is:

Trip Length and Complexity: If you’re flying within Vietnam, delays are less common than on longer international flights with multiple connections.


  • Domestic Flights: Delays are generally less frequent on domestic flights within Vietnam compared to international journeys with multiple connections. This is because shorter distances and less airspace congestion contribute to smoother operations.


  • International Flights: These are more prone to delays due to various factors:
  • Distance: Longer flights inherently have a higher chance of encountering unforeseen issues like bad weather or mechanical problems.
  • Connections: Each connecting airport introduces another potential delay point. Tight connections are particularly risky if the first flight is delayed.
  • Airline Reputation: Research the on-time performance of the airline(s) you’re considering. Some airlines have a better track record of punctuality than others.
  • Layovers vs. Direct Flights: Layovers significantly increase the risk of delays. If your itinerary has long layovers, especially at busy airports, consider flight delay insurance more seriously. Direct flights minimize this risk. This one is especially for any US travelers flying to Vietnam.


How much Flight Delay coverage do you need for Vietnam?

There’s no single answer to how much flight delay coverage you need for Vietnam, as it depends on your risk tolerance and travel route to Vietnam.


Risk Tolerance:

  • Low Risk Taker: If unexpected delays wouldn’t significantly disrupt your plans and you’re comfortable managing them, opting for a lower coverage amount (around $100-150 USD) might suffice. This could cover basic expenses like meals at the airport.
  •  High Risk Taker: If delays would cause major stress or financial strain, consider a higher coverage amount ($500 USD or more). This could help cover unexpected costs like accommodation near the airport if a long delay occurs overnight.

Flight Delay for Vietnam Real Examples:

Question: My flight departing from Ho Chi Minh City for Da Nang was delayed for 5 hours. Can I claim the “Travel Delay” benefit under my travel insurance?

Answer: Probably not, Most travel delay benefits only cover delays occurring outside your home country. Since this flight is domestic within Vietnam,  you’d need to check your specific policy wording. Some Vietnamese insurers might offer domestic delay coverage as an add-on.

Question:  My flight from Hanoi to Tokyo was delayed for 8 hours due to bad weather.  Am I eligible to claim the “Travel Delay” benefit under my travel insurance?

Answer: Most likely, yes!  This delay occurred  outside Vietnam, which typically meets the criteria for travel delay benefits.  Make sure the delay lasted longer than the minimum waiting period specified in your policy (usually 4-6 hours).

Always make sure to read the policy wording for the specifics for flight delay claim eligibility.

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