Lost Baggage for Travel Insurance Thailand

Lost baggage insurance is useful if your luggage goes missing or is stolen while you’re traveling. It’s particularly valuable when visiting countries like Thailand, where there may be pickpockets in certain areas, or if you’re caught up in the excitement of exploring Thailand and accidentally lose your belongings. Check out our blog on Lost Baggage Insurance for more information.

Lost Baggage Travel Insurance Thailand

Is Lost Baggage Insurance recommended for Thailand?

Lost baggage insurance is highly advisable for trips to Thailand. When visiting the country, you’re likely to explore various locations like cities, floating markets, and remote areas. Each place comes with its own safety concerns, so having lost baggage insurance ensures that if your belongings are lost or stolen, you’ll receive reimbursement.


However, it does not always need to be theft. You might simply be enjoying your travels and accidentally lose your baggage during a bus ride to Trat, for example. In such cases, having insurance can greatly help cover the costs of replacing your belongings. It’s recommended to choose an insurance policy that covers items you’re most worried about losing or need reimbursement for.


How much Lost Baggage coverage do you need for Thailand?

Lost Baggage coverage is usually not high, however enough to cover your valuable items. The best way to determine the coverage would be to calculate what would be covered if you were to lose it and how much coverage is being offer, both for the items and amount.


For example: LUMA Asia Pass offers Lost Baggage Insurance for the following plans.

Depending on the value of your items in your baggage you may decide what type of coverage you need. Also, it’s important to be aware what type of items are covered, not just the amount of coverage.

LUMA’s Asia Pass Lost Baggage Coverage

Coverage500 USD700 USD1,500 USD

Lost Baggage for Thailand Real Examples


Question: My baggage was stolen by a robber while I was walking down the streets of Bangkok. It contained my camera with its lens, my wallet containing my bank card, and my laptop. I’m wondering if I can claim my benefits in this situation.


Answer: LUMA’s Asia Pass would cover for this, however, his bank card is not covered due to an exclusion. Other items in his possession could be reimbursed according to the policy if he provides the necessary documents as outlined below:


  • The loss must be reported to the local police where the incident occurred, the carriers, or any third parties liable within 24 hours of its occurrence.
  • The insured person must take ordinary and proper care of the insured property, including safeguarding accompanied baggage or personal property and not leaving them unattended in public places. All baggage must be examined upon receipt, and in case of any destruction, loss, or damage, immediate notice must be given to:
  • a. The police in the event of theft, loss, or willful damage by a third party. Written documentation from the local police where the loss occurred must be obtained.
  • b. The carriers when loss or damage occurs in transit. A copy of the official “Baggage Irregularity Report” must be obtained.
  • Receipts for the property are required for reimbursement.


Question: I left my baggage outside a 7/11 in Bangkok as it was too large too heavy to carry inside 7/11. When I came out, it was gone. Can I please claim for some reimbursement under the lost baggage benefit?


Answer: This would not be covered most likely as the baggage was left unattended in a public location, exposing high risk of baggage snatching.

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