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Planning an itinerary to experience everything Thailand has to offer can be challenging on a long distance trip but certainly achievable. However, travelers know the importance of always planning for the unexpected, especially when it comes to the unique challenges and risks that international travel can entail.

Securing travel insurance for your Thailand trip is a good idea. It serves as a reliable safeguard, ensuring that you are protected in unforeseen circumstances.

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Travel Benefits for your Thailand Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Trip cancellation insurance is a lifesaver if you unexpectedly need to cancel your trip. The average cost of a US-to-Thailand trip is around $2,200.

Now, imagine this: an unforeseen event forces you to cancel. With the right travel insurance, it may cover non-refundable trip expenses. This means that sudden illnesses, family emergencies, or other covered reasons won’t leave you financially strained. It’s your safety net, ensuring your hard-earned money isn’t lost if your plans take an unexpected turn.

Travel Delay Coverage

Long 18-22 hour flights, like the one you will embark on to Thailand, increase the chances of travel delay risks. If your flight is delayed due to weather or other issues, the travel delay benefit may cover extra costs like accommodation and meals while you get back on track.

Imagine being stuck in a connecting city for a while – travel delay coverage keeps you from dealing with unexpected expenses. It is helpful to handle travel hiccups, letting you enjoy flights to Thailand without extra financial worries.

Trip Interruption Coverage

The idea of cutting your Thailand vacation early is no one’s plan. You may have a family or legal emergency back in the States and may need to go home early. With the right travel Insurance, trip interruption may be covered which can ease the financial burden.

For example, a family member falls seriously ill while you’re far away – trip interruption or trip curtailment coverage may cover for non-refundable prepaid travel deposits or any additional travel expenses.

This coverage ensures that unforeseen circumstances don’t leave you burdened with additional, unplanned expenses, making it an essential benefit to look out for.

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Baggage and Personal Belongings Coverage

Baggage and personal coverage may provide compensation for the loss or damage of your belongings, up to the limits specified in your policy, in the event of loss, damage, or theft. Be sure to read the exclusion and limits of coverage as they are usually capped at a certain amount.

For example, in certain areas in Thailand bag-snatching can be a concern, making it advisable to seek a travel insurance policy that includes baggage and personal belongings protection.

Also, most travel insurance policies will require an official statement from the police or airlines/airport in order to accept your claim.

Baggage Delay Coverage

Long flights have an inevitable high chance of delays, and this includes delays for your checked baggage. In the event that you have arrived at your destination and your baggage is delayed, your travel insurance policy may provide coverage for essential items such as toiletries.

However, there’s usually a specific waiting period before this coverage applies. Additionally, keep in mind that there’s likely a limit to this benefit, so carefully review the details of your travel insurance policy for the time, type of items that can be purchased/reimbursed and capped limit amount.

Medical Benefits for your Thailand Travel Insurance

Medical Expenses Coverage

While Thailand’s government hospitals are very affordable, they are often extremely busy and they can be very overwhelming when there is a language barrier and time-consuming.

On the other hand, private hospitals and private healthcare facilities provide friendly service and expertise with reasonable wait time.

However, private medical facilities come at a much higher cost than government hospitals.

Comprehensive medical travel insurance provides financial security in the face of steep healthcare expenses. It’s another safeguard that allows you to explore Thailand with confidence, knowing you are well-protected against any medical mishaps.

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Motorbike Accidents Coverage

For those familiar with Thailand, motorbikes are a ubiquitous mode of transportation for both locals and tourists.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of exploring Thailand on a motorbike. However, Thailand’s road conditions and traffic laws differ vastly from those in the USA, and the harsh reality of motorbike accidents should not be taken lightly. Read more about The importance of travel insurance for motorbike accidents in Thailand

Ultimately, if you plan on riding a motorbike in Thailand as a driver or passenger, having medical travel insurance coverage for motorbike accidents is essential.

However most travel insurance policies will usually exclude this type of coverage. But fear not, LUMA Asia Pass is one of the only travel insurance in Asia to offer coverage of motorbike accidents given proper local traffic laws are followed.

Evacuation Coverage for Medical Emergencies

Evacuation Coverage becomes a lifeline in critical situations requiring specialized medical care. This is particularly crucial in Thailand, a country with diverse landscapes, where some of the most exciting destinations are remote and may not have immediate access to comprehensive medical facilities.

For example, if you decide to go island hopping and end up in a serious accident. You will most likely need medical evacuation to a well equipped medical facility.

Medical evacuation insurance is designed to cover the expenses of transporting you to a medical center that can provide the required level of treatment.

It’s important to note that this is not the same as search and rescue. Commonly, Medical evacuation involves going from one medical facility to another. This process is approved and organized by the insurance provider or an appointed assistance company.

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How much does Travel Insurance from USA To Thailand cost?

Travel insurance in Thailand costs about $7/day, but varies based on trip length and coverage. Learn more in our blog. For a detailed breakdown read our blog on how much does travel insurance to Thailand cost.

Where to buy Travel Insurance for Thailand in the USA?

You can usually get travel insurance from travel agencies in the states, booking websites, or online providers. If you buy from a provider in Thailand, they will know the ins and outs through local travel insurance experience and they might offer specific coverage for things like motorbike accidents in the region. Also, they will be in the same time zone so it’ll be easy to reach them. Buying online is the easiest way because you can quickly compare prices and coverage options. Once you decide, getting a quote and paying online is simple and fast.

Handy Note: Always be sure to purchase your travel insurance before your arrival in Thailand. Once you have arrived in Thailand you can not purchase travel insurance for Thailand.

Buy Travel Insurance for Thailand Online

Embarking on the journey from the USA to Thailand is thrilling, but preparing for the unexpected is essential. Travel insurance provides that security blanket, allowing you to enjoy your Thai adventure with peace of mind. Ensure you’re fully protected and ready for your journey – get your travel insurance for Thailand today!

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