Cost of Giving Birth in Thailand

Normal Natural BirthPlanned CesareanEmergency Cesarean
Cost83,000 - 140,000 THB110,000 - 170,000 THB180,000 - 300,000 ++ THB

When it comes to having a baby, each mother’s childbirth experience will be different. Some women will have either a planned or emergency cesarean section (also known as a C-section), which is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby by cutting through the mother’s abdomen wall. Others will undergo a normal, natural birth. As such, each of these procedures has a different cost. Here’s the price range of the amount you can expect to pay, from data provided by four of our partner hospitals.

how much does giving birth cost in thailand

How to Save Pregnancy Costs

Whether you’re expecting, or simply dreaming of your baby-to-be in a few years, there are few ways you can minimize your hospital expenses. Here are three ideas to consider.


  • Compare hospitals and physicians

  • As you’ll notice from the range of costs above, maternity expenses will vary from hospital to hospital. With that said, it’s worth choosing a trusted gynecologist you have confidence in, even if the cost is higher. Doing so can imbue you with a sense of calm and comfort.


  • Improve your physical health

    According to studies, the mean total costs of maternity were 23% higher for overweight women. Improving your physical health can lower the risk of costly complications.

  • Get an insurance package that covers pregnancy

    At LUMA, we believe mothers-to-be should focus on the joy of pregnancy—and not have to worry about money. That’s why we offer a health insurance package that covers your maternity costs when you sign up with us 10 months before your due date.

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