LUMA Maternity Health Insurance for Women

Short Waiting Period of 10 months only

Apply and claim within the same year

Covers for Newborn Care

Includes neonatal care within 25 days after birth

Covers complications from pregnancy

Up to 1,000,000 THB medical cover for complications from pregnancy and childbirth

What is included in LUMA Maternity Insurance

Maternity Insurance Packages

Hi5 maternity insuranceMaternity Insurance PackagesMaternity Package 1Maternity Package 2
Maternity Cover
Pregnancy and normal childbirth (10 month waiting period)THB 200,000THB 300,000
Neonatal care with 25 days of birth (10 month waiting period)THB 20,000THB 30,000
Complications from pregnancy and childbirth (10 month waiting period)THB 1,000,000THB 1,000,000
Inpatient Cover
Inpatient Annual Limit5,000,000 THB per year5,000,000 THB per year
Room and Board not limited to Standard Room5,000 THB per day
Nursing fees paid in full
5,000 THB per day
Nursing fees paid in full
ICUPaid in Full up to 5,000,000 THB per yearPaid in Full up to 5,000,000 THB per year
Outpatient Cover
Outpatient medical expenses for injuries within 24h from accidentsPaid in Full up to 5,000,000 THB per yearPaid in Full up to 5,000,000 THB per year
Day care treatment (medical expenses not requiring overnight hospital stay)Paid in Full up to 5,000,000 THB per yearPaid in Full up to 5,000,000 THB per year
Outpatient Benefits 40,000 THB per year with 50% co-pay40,000 THB per year with 50% co-pay
Luma Services
24/7 Medical Emergency Hotline
Second Medical Opinion
Medical Referral Services
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About Maternity Insurance for Women in Thailand

Who is eligible for Maternity Insurance?

Age: Up to 70 years old.

Nationality: Residents of Thailand (both Thai and foreigners) for at least 180 days per year.

Excluded Occupation: Medical professionals, professional athletes, policemen and other high-risk professions (non-exhaustive list).


What are the Terms and Conditions of Hi5 Maternity Health Insurance Plans?

• Elective treatments are covered worldwide except in the following countries: USA, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bahamas, Russia, UK, Singapore, Brazil.

• Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

• All applicants must fill out a medical questionnaire, some additional medical information may be requested.

• Waiting periods apply to certain benefits as per the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

• Some occupations cannot apply to Hi5 such as (but not limited to): medical professionals, professional athletes, policemen and other high-risk professions.


General exclusions:

(This is a non exhaustive list, please refer to the original Policy Wording for full list of exclusions)

  1. 1. Injuries sustained during the commitment of a serious crime or while being arrested or evading capture.
    2. Injuries that occur while engaging in motor racing, boat racing, horse racing, ski racing (including Jet skis), skating competition, boxing, parachuting/skydiving, using or racing with a paramotor, gliding, boarding or descending or travelling in a hot air balloon, bungee jumping, diving with air tanks and underwater breathing equipment.
    3. War, invasion, acts on foreign enemies, war-like acts whether declared or not, civil war, revolution, insurrection, civil commontion, population rising against the government, riot, strike, coup, declaration of martial law; or any event which led to the declaration or upholding of martial law.
    4. Terrorism.
    5. Radiation or radioactive transmission from nuclear fuels or from any nuclear waste due to the combustion of nuclear fuel and from any form of nuclear disintegration.
    6. Injuries resulting from consequences of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Free look period:
The policy holder has a 15 days free look period (from the day the policy is received) during which they have the right to cancel their policy, in accordance to the terms and conditions of their policy. The paid premium will be returned to the policy holder after deducting any claimed cost under the policy.


Applicants should study the terms and conditions of the insurance policy before purchasing.

“Hi5” is the marketing name for plans under the Health and Accident Insurance Luma Asia Care Personal Policy insured by Navakij Insurance. 


Click to read our Policy Guide for Hi5 Health Insurance.

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