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covid-19, Guide for Covid-19 in Vietnam

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Reduce Covid-19 spread or risk of infection by getting tested at home or at the workplace.

What happens if I’m tested positive to Covid-19 in Vietnam? Where do I have to go?

All the Covid-19 positive cases need to undergo special care and treatment following the instructions of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MOH).

Costs related to Covid-19 medical treatment in public hospitals are covered for Vietnamese nationals only. Foreigners have to pay themselves or have a health insurance with Covid-19 coverage. 

If I am infected/admitted with Covid-19 what happens to my family/room mate?

All suspected family members will be put in quarantine under the care of the Vietnam’s army.

What are the current restrictions on travel to/from and within Vietnam?

Vietnamese borders are closed to foreigners (including foreigners with a Vietnamese visa exception) with a few exceptions including diplomatic, official duty, experts, business managers, high-tech workers and investors; and their families. 

More information can be found on the website of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security.

A mandatory quarantine upon arrival may be requested by the Vietnamese authorities.

Are expats accepted by government hospitals for test and treatment for Covid-19?
Does the government pay for medical expenses in Vietnam?

Expatriates are accepted by government hospitals but they would need to pay for their treatment themselves. 

If a patient has to be admitted to a private hospital for Covid-19 treatment, will the government pay for medical expenses?

The government will not cover medical expenses related to Covid-19 at a private hospital.

Is there a phone number for emergency that I can call?

Hotline: 1900-9095 or 1900 – 3228
Call the hotline if you show any symptoms of Covid-19.

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