Children health insurance in Thailand: Protect your child and your finances

Children health insurance thailand

Your child is your world. You want to ensure your son or daughter has a healthy, happy life and you also want to protect your family from unexpected, costly medical bills. How can you accomplish both? It’s worth considering health insurance for your child.

In Thailand, health insurance eligibility requirements for children vary from company to company. Some insurance companies require both the parent and child to have a policy, while others will cover the child alone. Either way, the benefit of children health insurance is the same. A policy can provide your child the best treatment and protect you from the burden of paying hundreds of thousands of baht in medical expenses.

3 most common health risks for children in Thailand

In any country, children health insurance is a smart idea. But in a country like Thailand, that is home to tropical diseases and other serious illnesses unique to the region, it can be even more beneficial. Here are three of the most common children health issues in Thailand.

children health insurance thailand, Children health insurance in Thailand: Protect your child and your finances


While all kids are susceptible to various infections, there are a few that are likely more common here than in your home country. Bangkok’s humidity and pollution are a breeding ground for upper respiratory tract infections, and mosquito borne illnesses can also pose a serious problem for kids. For example, take dengue fever. Thailand expats may not be aware that children between the ages of 3 – 5 years old are most likely to suffer complications from this infection. What’s more, dengue can require 6 to 7 days in the hospital.

Digestive issues

Food poisoning is quite common in Thailand, and children are more likely to suffer serious complications because of their smaller bodies. Symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration can take a toll on kids more quickly, and result in 3 – 4 days of hospitalization.


When it comes to children health insurance, expats should not forget that the same kind of accidents (falls, bike accidents, etc.) that can happen in their home country can also happen in Thailand. In fact, Thailand may even present more risks with its record setting amount of traffic fatalities; car crashes are one of the 3 biggest reasons expats in Asia visit the ER.

children health insurance thailand, Children health insurance in Thailand: Protect your child and your finances

The cost of the above medical issues can range from 10,000 to potentially hundreds of thousands of baht. But with a good insurance policy, you can ensure your children are treated by the best doctors, at the best hospitals—without having to worry about expensive medical bills. If you’re considering children health insurance, Thailand’s LUMA is happy to answer all your questions.

Health Insurance that protects your Children

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