3 most common deadly illnesses in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a tropical region. And as such, you may think the most common, serious diseases people are afflicted with here all relate to the climate. The tropics are, of course, home to some very unique diseases that are not found in much of the western world. With that said, are they the most common?

To find out, we interviewed author and medical expert Dr. Lalande; and what we discovered was surprising. While we assumed diseases unique to Southeast Asia would be the most common reason for critical medical treatment, the reality is far different. The majority of deadly diseases here are similar to that of Europe, North America and Oceania. Below are the top 3 critical illnesses in Southeast Asia.

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How a switch to Luma health insurance changed FEMCO Thailand’s company culture


Health is important for everyone. And when today’s top talent are choosing an employer, one benefit they consider is health insurance. What kind of package does the employer offer? Is the insurance plan from a premium provider?

FEMCO Thailand, which is a branch of the Taiwan multi-divisional steel company, manufactures CNC machines. While the Taiwan headquarters offered Life, Accident, and Health insurance to their employees, the Thailand branch only rely on Social Security. 

The Office Manager, Khun Soraya Charoenthong, was assigned to find get an insurance for Thai employees that align the branch’s benefits with the Taiwan headquarters.

Thailand health insurance plans 101: What are your options?

Whether you’re a Thai local or expat, health insurance plans in the Land of Smiles can be confusing. As a local, you may be unaware of the benefits offered to you as a citizen. And as an expat, you may be unsure of what insurance to buy, or whether or not you even need a policy. To clear up the confusion, we developed a list of some of Thailand’s most common types of health insurance and who typically applies for them. Here’s what you need to know.

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