5 Reasons Expats Should Have Health Insurance in Southeast Asia

Written by wpadmin

With day-to-day life often feeling like routine, we tend not to think of the risks it involves. But even apart from the everyday dangers of modern living, the many health conditions associated with old age sooner or later catch up with all of us. Heart, lung or kidney disease, a cancer diagnosis, as well as the emergence of a genetic condition all become more likely with each passing year.
Even for expats who have never had any medical difficulty in the past, any one of these situations could turn your life upside down – particularly if you don’t have a safety net in the form of personal health insurance.
Indeed, you never hear people say, “I’m so glad that I didn’t buy insurance.”
Here are some reasons you’ll be glad you did:

1. It opens the door to expert medical care
– Even in the more developed Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, local medical care at public hospitals, while generally affordable, often leaves much to be desired. In countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, public hospitals are typically substandard and are best avoided when seeking treatment. Private hospitals tend to charge much more for better service, and their care becomes much more accessible for those covered by a strong health insurance policy.

2. It provides worry-free coverage
– Mental well-being is a necessary element of good health, and the knowledge that you have excellent insurance can help reduce stress, especially at those crucial moments when you need medical attention. By preventing any major ‘surprise’ costs from a health condition, quality expat insurance can set your mind at ease in a way that nothing else can.

3. It dramatically lowers your medical costs
– Particularly if other family members depend on you and your income, any serious accident or illness could be devastating for your household unless you have insurance. If you are the only income-earning member of the family, it becomes imperative to get yourself health insurance at the earliest opportunity, to keep costs down and your finances in good shape.

4. It allows better financial planning
– Imagine that you are not covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy, and you need to pay huge medical bills with money that you wanted to use toward buying a car or a new home. Spending a bit of money on insurance beforehand can help you make clear and reliable financial plans for the future, and put you in a better situation even if you need medical care.

5. It’s the smart solution
– Sooner or later, we all learn one valuable lesson in life: Don’t gamble something if you can’t afford to lose it. By the time something has gone wrong, urgent care may be needed and it is already too late to go shopping for insurance. But since we never know what the future will truly bring, the only reasonable time to buy insurance is before you need it.

How to Get Started
In the past, searching for medical insurance in Southeast Asia has been a chore, and it was understandable for people to put it off until later. But with our new online service, you just need to fill in a bit of personal information and we’ll send a quote directly to you. It has never been easier to protect yourself with comprehensive health insurance. With LUMA, true peace of mind for you and your family is just a few clicks away.