Repatriation for Travel Insurance Vietnam

Repatriation insurance can be a valuable asset in the event of health-related challenges during your time in Vietnam. Specific reimbursements can provide relief from financial burdens until your health situation stabilizes. To understand what repatriation insurance entails, read our on Repatriation Insurance.

repatriation insurance vietnam

Is Repatriation Insurance needed for Vietnam?

Certainly. Repatriation insurance can be highly beneficial for your travels in Vietnam, considering the varying healthcare accessibility across different regions. It’s prudent to have insurance that includes coverage for evacuation to the nearest medical facility and repatriation to your point of departure or even your home country in certain situations. One significant aspect is the potential cost of transportation, especially if you require a medical escort or air ambulance service. While Vietnam does offer decent medical facilities, there might be instances where specialized treatments or expertise are unavailable. In such cases, repatriating back home can ensure access to advanced medical care that may not be readily available in Vietnam.


How Much Repatriation Insurance Coverage do you need for Vietnam?

Repatriating from Vietnam to your home country can incur significant expenses, especially if reside far away. The cost largely hinges on both your home country’s location and the severity of your condition.


How does it work? 

Upon encountering a medical emergency in Vietnam, promptly establish communication between the hospital and your insurance provider. Refer to the emergency contact number provided in your evacuation insurance policy. Typically, emergency evacuation in Vietnam precedes repatriation. Once the hospital and insurance provider agree on repatriation, they will undertake appropriate measures.


It’s crucial to acknowledge that each insurance policy may entail unique conditions. Therefore, it’s advisable to thoroughly review your policy beforehand to ensure a clear understanding of its coverage and required processes.

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