Medical Expenses for Travel Insurance Vietnam

Medical expense coverage can prove invaluable if you face health-related challenges during your trip to Vietnam. Specific reimbursements can help alleviate financial burdens until your health situation improves. For a thorough grasp of what falls under medical expense coverage, we encourage you to explore our blog on Medical Expenses Insurance.

medical expenses insurance vietnam

Is Medical Expense Insurance recommended for Vietnam?

While it’s not obligatory, obtaining medical expense coverage for your trip to Vietnam is highly advisable. Here are some compelling reasons why it’s a wise choice:

  1. Rising Medical Costs & Private Hospitals – Healthcare expenses in Vietnam are escalating, particularly if you seek treatment at English-speaking private hospitals. Even minor procedures can pose a significant financial burden without insurance coverage. While Vietnam boasts a well-established network of private hospitals renowned for their excellent medical care, they typically charge higher fees than public hospitals. However, they often offer shorter wait times and more advanced equipment. 
  1. Peace of Mind – Medical expense coverage affords you peace of mind, knowing you won’t have to face a hefty bill when needing medical attention in Vietnam. Nothing can be more distressing than dealing with unexpected medical expenses during a holiday. Considering the relative cost of travel insurance, the coverage for medical expenses is invaluable for ensuring peace of mind.

Considerations to Keep in Mind:

Duration of Your Trip to Vietnam

Longer trips inherently raise the likelihood of encountering a medical emergency, making comprehensive coverage a prudent investment.

Planned Activities in Vietnam

Engaging in risky activities, such as motorbike riding, underscores the importance of having medical expense coverage. Motorbikes are a prevalent mode of transportation in Vietnam, and many travelers opt to rent one. Given the common occurrence of motorbike accidents in Vietnam, ensure adequate medical coverage tailored to such activities.

How Much Medical Expenses Coverage Do You Need for Vietnam?

The extent of medical coverage required depends on the severity of the incident you encounter. It’s advisable to contemplate worst-case scenarios when selecting your coverage. Let’s delve into the typical medical costs at private hospitals in Vietnam:

  • Treatment for injuries necessitating a plaster or cast: Approximately $20 – $200+ for Outpatient Department (OPD) treatment.
  • Management of bacterial diarrhea: Around $20 – $100+ for OPD treatment, or $600 – $2,600+ for Inpatient Department (IPD) treatment.
  • Treatment for Dengue fever: Approximately $20 – $100+ for OPD treatment, or between $1,000 – $3,000+ for IPD treatment.
  • Minor stitches: Approximately $15 – $150+ for OPD treatment, with costs varying based on the severity of the injury.
  • Major surgeries: Approximately $5,000 – $20,000 or more for IPD treatment, with expenses contingent upon the severity of the incident.

Considering these average costs, it’s wise to have a travel policy with an extensive medical cover to ensure optimum peace of mind. 

Take the time to examine your travel insurance policy’s terms and conditions. Travel insurance typically covers emergency medical treatment costs but excludes pre-existing conditions. 

Medical Expenses Insurance for Vietnam Real Examples

Question – Will this policy cover my trip to Vietnam for a gastroscopy? I’ve been experiencing stomach pains while in my home country.

Answer – Unfortunately, the insurance cannot cover this since this is a pre-existing condition. This policy is designed for leisure and business purposes, not for seeking medical treatment.


Question – Following my lengthy flight to Vietnam, I developed muscle strain and sought medical attention at a hospital. The doctor recommended ten sessions of chiropractic and physiotherapy. Can I claim this benefit?

Answer – Whether you can claim this benefit depends on the coverage provided by your insurance policy. If your policy includes coverage for physiotherapy, then yes, you may be able to claim it. However, under the LUMA Asia Pass policy, physiotherapy is not covered. Therefore, you cannot get a claim for this.


Question – I am going to take a motorbike ride in a couple days. Will I be covered in the event of a motorbike accident while riding in Vietnam?

Answer – It depends on each policy however under the LUMA Asia Pass, a motorbike accident would be covered if all traffic laws were adhered to, such as wearing a helmet and abstaining from substances that impair driving. However, many insurance policies typically exclude coverage for motorbike accidents. LUMA Asia Pass is among the few that provides coverage for motorbike accidents in Vietnam.


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