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Repatriation insurance can prove valuable should you face health-related challenges while in Thailand. Certain reimbursements can help alleviate financial burdens until your health situation stabilizes. For a thorough grasp of what encompasses repatriation insurance, read our blog on Repatriation Insurance.

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Is Repatriation Insurance recommended for Thailand?

Repatriation insurance for Thailand  may not be essential for everyone, but it’s definitely worth considering, especially depending on your situation. Repatriation insurance covers the costs of transporting you back to your home country in case of a medical emergency, serious illness, or even death. This can include air ambulance transport, medical escorts, and even the return of your remains if needed.


Why Repatriation Insurance Might Be Important in Thailand:


Distance: If Thailand is a significant distance from your country then, Medical evacuation costs can be very high, especially if an air ambulance is required.


Comfort and Familiarity: Being seriously ill or injured in a foreign country can be very stressful. Repatriation allows you to receive care in a familiar environment with loved ones nearby. While in Thailand language and unfamiliarity with the country could be a mental challenge. 


Advanced Medical Care: While Thailand has good medical facilities, some specific treatments or specialists might not be available. This can also be the case if you have a doctor you usually visit, they know your history better than the ones in Thailand. Repatriation allows access to such care in your home country.


Situations where Repatriation might not be a priority: 


Short Stays: If you’re on a very short trip with good travel insurance (that already includes some emergency medical evacuation coverage), repatriation insurance might be less crucial.

Repatriation insurance can provide valuable peace of mind, especially for longer trips or travelers with health concerns.  However, it’s not mandatory for everyone in Thailand. Weigh the factors mentioned above to decide if it’s the right choice for you.


How much Repatriation insurance coverage do you need for Thailand?

Repatriation from Thailand to your home country can be very costly, especially if you are located in the West. It very much depends on your home country’s location and seriousness of your condition. However if give a basic ballpark idea take a look below:


  • Moderate Coverage ($100,000 USD – $250,000 USD): This range offers more security for longer trips or travelers with some concerns regarding the outdoor activities in Thailand, nothing too extreme but still to consider.
  • Comprehensive Coverage ($500,000 USD or more): This is ideal for extended stays, adventurous recreational activities, or those worried specialized care potentially unavailable in Thailand.

This can include costs for:

  • Air ambulance transport (most expensive element, used only if medically necessary)
  • Medically equipped commercial flights
  • Medical escorts
  • Repatriation of remains (if needed)

Things to remember:

  • -The decision depends on your individual circumstances.
  • -Weigh the factors mentioned above to determine the level of comfort and financial protection you desire.
  • -Consider consulting a travel insurance specialist like LUMA for coverage details for your situation.

How to navigate Repatriation Insurance in Thailand

Get your insurance in contact with the hospital in Thailand

Promptly reach out to your insurance provider using the emergency contact number provided in your evacuation insurance policy. Usually emergency evacuation in Thailand is followed by Repatriation. Once your hospital and insurance provider agree that you need to be repatriated then actions can be taken.


If receiving treatment in Thailand is not viable or the condition necessitates specific treatment unavailable there, repatriation to your home country can start:


You may need the following depending your situation:

  • – Arranging medical transport back home, potentially with a medical escort if necessary.
  • – Coordinating with hospitals in your home country to ensure seamless continuity of care upon arrival.
  • – Handling all requisite travel documentation and securing clearances for international medical transport.

It’s important to note that each policy may have its own unique conditions, so it’s advisable to thoroughly review your policy beforehand.

Repatriation for Thailand: Examples


Question: I have been evacuated to a hospital in Phuket, the doctors have suggested that I continue the rest of my treatment back home in the UK since they can not proceed with necessary treatment here. Can my repatriation benefit cover me?


Answer: This would most likely be covered if the insurance company and doctors both agree that you need medical treatment that is only available in your home country.

Question: I’m in Thailand and I feel that a cold is coming on, I do not want to see any doctors here and would like to return back to the States for my treatment. Can I be repatriated?


Answer: This case would not be covered as there needs to be documentation from a medical professional prescribing you to get treatment in your home country.

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