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Flight delays are generally covered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy, which proves particularly beneficial when embarking on extended or multi-leg journeys to Thailand. It’s crucial to emphasize that travel insurance plans vary, so it’s advisable to confirm the specifics. Read our blog on Flight Delay Insurance to get a full understanding of the benefit.

flight delay travel insurance thailand

Is Flight Delay recommended for Thailand?

The best way to think about this would be to see when there are more flight delays than usual when traveling to Thailand. For causes from the airline, these are unpredictable. However there are something you can consider like:

Monsoon Season: Thailand gets rainy between May and October, sometimes causing flight delays. Flight delay coverage can help pay for meals, hotels, and other costs if your flight gets stuck.

The duration of your flight: If you have connecting flights its a good idea to get flight delay. For example, if you are traveling from the US then you will have layovers most likely when you travel to Thailand and so this increases your chances of needing it. But if you are traveling from Vietnam to Thailand, the chance is pretty slim. So considering your travel route would be a very good indicator.

Overall, because of the nature of flight delays it is always recommended to have it just in case for peace of mind, knowing you’re covered for delays can be a stress-saver, letting you relax and not panic if there is a flight delay.

How much Flight Delay coverage do you need for Thailand?

Typically coverage needed would depend on the flight route you are taking. So the longer the flight the higher the coverage you should look for. However, the coverage is usually for expenses such as food, accommodation, transportation while you wait for your next flight.

One thing that can help you decide on your coverage is your tolerance for disruption. Some people might be okay with buying a meal at the airport and camping out until their next flight. However in some cases it may take my whole day until you get on your next flight so you may need to get a hotel nearby for the time being.

So if the thought of this happening on your trip to Thailand, especially if it’s your first time stresses you out then it is a good idea to get comprehensive flight delay coverage.

Typical Coverage Amounts:

Flight delay coverage typically ranges from $100 to $200 USD in coverage, but keep an eye out for the waiting period which can range for 4-6 hours. For LUMA Asia Pass you get paid 22 USD  for every 6 hours up to the coverage limit.

Remember: Coverage amounts are just a starting point. Always think about how much flight delay you need and read the fine print to understand what situations are covered (e.g., minimum delay hours) and any exclusions (e.g., mechanical issues, airline cancellations).

How to navigate Flight Delay for Thailand

  • Check the conditions of your travel insurance policy

Typically, travel insurance covers 6 hours delay and more in case of international flights. Therefore, if your flight is delayed for a few hours, the insurance may not cover it. So you must be sure of your policy conditions before you decide to claim.

  • Airline Liability for Flight Delays on the way to Thailand.

Generally, when flight is delayed, the Airline is primarily responsible for it. 

  • In case of 2-3 hours delay, the airline will typically provide a meal and the passenger can request a refund on the ticket. 
  • For a 3-5 hours delay, the airline will follow the first step and passengers can change to another airline with no additional cost.
  • For a 5-6 hours delay, the airline will follow the second step with an addition as cash compensation will be given to passengers immediately upon departure.
  • For the delay of more than 6 hours or canceled flight, the airline will follow the third step, along with most likely providing free accommodation to passengers.

Normally, If the airline has already compensated you for some of your losses, your travel insurance may not issue documentation confirming flight delays because they believe they have taken care of you.

In the case that you have not been compensated then you must notify the insurance company of your circumstance and submit required documents in order to file a claim.

Usually these are the documents you need:

  • Completed Claim Form (get this from your insurance company)
  • Copy of your Passport 
  • Copy of ID Card 
  • Delays Confirmation Paper issued by the airline 
  • Boarding pass
  • Original receipt showing actual expenses incurred during the flight delay, such as meals, accommodations, or transportation cost to a hotel, etc.

You must submit your claim along with documents within 30 days after the incident happened. Don’t forget to allow time for documents to be reviewed by your insurance company. Patiently wait for your insurance to get back to you with the final verdict.

In the case of flight delays due to strikes, riots and war perils, some travel insurance will not cover losses from these events.

flight delay insurance for Thailand

Flight Delay for Thailand Real Examples:


Question: I experienced a flight delay at the airport in my country of origin. Am I eligible to claim the “Travel Delay” benefit?

Answer: In this case coverage would not be possible. The delay must occur usually outside the Insured’s Country of Origin.


Question: I encountered a flight delay at an airport outside my country of origin, lasting for 4 hours. Can I claim the “Travel Delay” benefit in this case?

Answer: If the waiting period of the insurance policy is 4 hours then you would be able to claim. However, in the case of LUMA Asia Pass, there is a 6 hour wait, so this case would not be covered.

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