What Diseases Are Affecting Children? LUMA Shares 2024 Statistics

As we approach the midpoint of 2024, from a health standpoint, the world seems to be returning to normalcy post-COVID-19. However, for children’s health in Thailand, the lingering effects of the pandemic are still evident. LUMA, a health insurance provider, has observed a significant increase in child health issues compared to pre-COVID times, based on their interactions with hospitals across Thailand.

what diseases are affecting children

Having analyzed the data on all children insured with LUMA, the top reasons in children visiting hospitals were as follows:

what diseases are affecting children, What Diseases Are Affecting Children? LUMA Shares 2024 Statistics

Key Medical Statistics


Occurrence: Over 50% of child health cases in 2023.

Age Group: Mostly affects children under 10, especially those in kindergarten.

Common Symptoms: Fever, Cough, Sore throat, runny nose, muscle pain.

Cost per Admission: 70,000 THB – 95,000 THB; top-tier hospitals often exceed 100,000 THB.

Peak Season: During the rainy season.

Typical Length of Stay: 2-5 days.

Food Poisoning

Occurrence: almost 20% of child health cases in 2023.

Age Group: Mostly affects children under 7 years old

Common Symptoms: Diarrhea, nausea, fevers, and headaches.

Cost per Admission: 30,000 THB – 62,000 THB.

Peak Season: High temperatures during the summer.

Typical Length of Stay: 1-3 days.

Hand Foot and Mouth

Occurrence: Over 15% of child health cases in 2023.

Age Group: Majority of children under 9 years old.

Common Symptoms: Fever, painful blisters around the mouth, hands and feet, loss of appetite.

Cost per Admission: 17,000 THB – 99,000 THB

Peak Season: during the rainy season.

Typical Length of Stay: 1-6 days.


Occurrence: almost 10% of child health cases in 2023.

Age Group: children under 5 years old

Common Symptoms: Fever, severe coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing.

Cost per Admission: Average cost of 95,000 THB per admission.

Peak Season: End of rainy season, beginning of winter season

Typical Length of Stay: 2-5 days

what diseases are affecting children

Inpatient (IPD) Admissions

Occurrence: 40% of LUMA’s children’s portfolio in 2023.

Cost per Admission: 25,000 THB – 120,000 THB.

Typical Length of Stay: 1-4 days, some cases up to 7 days

Increasing Demand for Children's Health Insurance

In response to the rising health concerns, LUMA introduced two comprehensive health insurance plans, Hi5 and PRIME, specifically designed for children. These plans allow parents to purchase coverage for their children aged over 6 years old independently, addressing the gap left by other insurance companies canceling children’s policies.  LUMA sees the importance of health insurance for children, and continues to work hard in providing comprehensive, yet affordable plans.

The Impact of Infectious Diseases

Thailand has seen spikes in increases of infectious diseases among children during the reopening of schools in particular, however, over the past 2 years. The most common conditions requiring medical attention include RSV, Hand Foot and Mouth disease, Influenza, and Food Poisoning. LUMA’s data indicates that infectious diseases are significantly impacting children’s health, necessitating both inpatient and outpatient medical care.  More importantly, the severeness of infectious diseases, especially Hand Foot and Mouth in 2024, LUMA witnessed an admission up to 9 days, with a total cost of over 270,000 THB for the admission.

Recommendations for Parents

LUMA advocates for home care for mild cases to avoid the stressful hospital environment and potential exposure to other infections. For instance, simple diseases are common illnesses that can usually be treated without needing a hospital stay. These include things like:

“In the vast majority of cases, staying in a hospital isn’t helpful and can even be risky by being exposed to hospital-acquired infections. It’s better to be treated at a doctor’s office (outpatient) or at home.” Dr. Gerard Lalande, Chief Medical Officer at LUMA.


However, some situations might require a hospital stay, especially for:

Doctors follow guidelines from medical societies, including those for children, to decide the best treatment.  When treatment plans are unclear, it is crucial for parents to ask their doctor for a clear understanding.


The post-COVID era has brought new challenges for children’s health in Thailand. The increased prevalence of infectious diseases and the corresponding rise in medical costs highlight the importance of comprehensive health insurance and informed medical decisions for parents. The data collected by LUMA is only of those children who are insured and visited a doctor, there is still a worrying number of children who may not be insured, resulting in delay or hesitance to visit a doctor to obtain the correct medical treatment required.  By understanding the current health landscape, parents can better protect their children’s well-being.

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