Mandatory Vaccines for Children in Thailand

Children Vaccine insurance thailand

The quest for a COVID-19 vaccine has made us all aware of the importance of immunization, and the most critical time for vaccinations is among newborn babies and young children. During their first year, babies need to be immunised against such diseases as measles, mumps, polio and tetanus, so it is vital for parents to be aware of the mandatory vaccine calendar.

This chart shows the requirements for young children in Thailand:

Vaccine/AgeBirth1 month2 month4 month6 month9-12 month18 month2-2.5 years4-6 years11-12 years
Hepatitis B (HBV)HBV 1HBV 2DTwP-HB-Hib-1DTwP-HB-Hib-2DTwP-HB-Hib-3-----
DTwP--DTwP-HB-Hib-1DTwP-HB-Hib-2DTwP-HB-Hib-3-DTwP Booster 1-DTwP Booster 2TD Every 10 years
OPV--OPV1OPV2+IPVOPV3-OPV Booster 1-OPV Booster 2-
Rota--Rota 1Rota 2Rota 3-----
Japanese Encephalitis (JE)-----JE1-JE2--
Influenza----Influenza 2 doses, 1 month apart from the first dose.
COVID-19----Please check the recommendations from Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health and Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand
HPV---------Girls in grade 5 need 2 shots, 6-12 months apart.

Immunization Schedule for Thai Children Recommended by The Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of February 2023

Children Vaccine shot Thailand

Different countries vary in terms of which vaccines are required for young children. For example, the vaccine for tuberculosis (TB), known as BCG (Bacillus Calmette and Guerin), is not widely used in the USA, while it is a mandatory vaccine in Thailand. Also, most Asian countries, including Thailand, make vaccination against Japanese Encephalitis (a viral disease carried by mosquitoes) obligatory, while it is not required in most Western countries.


Besides these mandatory vaccines, pediatricians often recommend additional vaccine protection like Rotavirus Vaccine (contagious disease that can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting) or Varicella Vaccine (known as Chicken Pox), depending on the circumstances of each child. These include factors such as medical condition, lifestyle and travel plans. For this reason, parents should always consult their doctors before planning a course of vaccinations. This is especially important for expat families that need to move regularly for work assignments, as requirements vary from one country to another (different vaccines, doses, timeframe). If in doubt, they should seek a second medical opinion.

Since a course of vaccinations can be costly, parents can enquire about vaccination packages at their preferred hospital and see to include vaccination coverage in their health insurance policy.

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