Living abroad in a country with a new language and contrasting customs can be daunting, however great the experience might be. The relocation can especially be stressful for expectant and parenting families who need to adjust to a new lifestyle, while securing a smooth transition for their children. In addition to that stress, cost of healthcare services in Thailand can sometimes come as a shock.

Ensuring you provide your loved ones with a comprehensive health insurance can go a long way toward reducing stress. Luma aims to empower parents with a quality medical insurance to cover who you value the most at top medical facilities across South East Asia.

  • Stress Free Insurance with Luma Stress Free Health Insurance for Families
  • Family Discount Family Discount
on entire family’s insurance premium, starting from 4 members
  • Privileges Access to Luma Privileges
  • Bright skies International Pre school -15% on tuition fees at Bright Skies International School
  • Kiidu -5% on subscription fee at Kiidu agency to hire maids, nannies and drivers
  • Numerous other discounts at family friendly hotels and restaurants all over Thailand
Family Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance in Thailand

Covers Mommy throughout pregnancy and childbirth delivery at top hospitals in South East Asia*.

Covers Baby during first days following birth, including post-natal treatments*. 

Family Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance in Thailand

Children routine check ups with their paediatricians and treatments with specialised paediatricians*.

Family Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance in Thailand

Baby and child vaccinations and immunisation schedule*.  

Family Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance in Thailand

Vision care including eye examination and tests for all insured family members*.

Family Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance in Thailand

Dental care with oral health care and dentistry services for all insured family members*.

*As per the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

They chose Luma for their Family Health Insurance in Thailand

Why choose Luma for your Family Health Insurance?

Our experienced team will offer you advice to select the best insurance option to meet your family needs. We will highlight what you need to look for as a family, including how to use benefits, manage your plan policy and how to claim among others.

Luma grants access to top hospitals and doctors in Thailand and the region.

On top of a comprehensive care and additional discount for families (20% discount for families of 4+ members), Luma members can enjoy benefits with Luma business partners as part of the Luma Privilege Program.


Our team can offer multi-language consultation and support.

Luma’s headquarters are in Bangkok, Thailand and has offices in HCMC, Vietnam, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Yangon, Myanmar.

I am pregnant, can I enrol and enjoy maternity benefits?

Depending on the chosen health insurance plan, there is a waiting period of 10 to 12 months following the subscription to the maternity benefits, before related treatments can be covered.

Policy holders without maternity benefits who would like to add such benefits to their plan, will need to observe a waiting period from the date maternity benefits are added.

For policy holders with maternity benefits: If the pregnancy happens during the waiting period, maternity related treatments occurring after the waiting period, will be covered as per the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

If I have any medical treatment outside Thailand, can I claim it under my insurance policy?

This depends on each policy terms and conditions. Please check your treatment coverage, and area of coverage to see whether the treatment done is covered or not.

Will maternity benefits be enough to cover all the visits to the doctor and childbirth delivery?

Pre-natal, delivery and post-natal treatments coverage will depend on the selected health insurance policy. 

You can always check with your insurance consultant to know what is your exact coverage, in terms of treatments and limit.

Do maternity benefits cover complications during pregnancy or miscarriage?

Complications during pregnancy or miscarriage are covered for plan holders with maternity benefits after the waiting period, as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Is my newborn child covered under my insurance?

Your newborn is usually covered during the first days following childbirth, under the mother’s maternity benefits. 

The child will need to be insured on their own (as a dependent) after that period.

Contact your health insurance consultant to check newborn coverage after delivery, and/or to add your newborn to your family health insurance plan.

Can I add my partner as a dependent although we are not married?

Yes, you do not need to be married to your partner for them to be added to your insurance policy.

Contact your health insurance consultant to add a dependent to your family health insurance plan.

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