Travel Requirements to the Philippines

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Last update: July 10, 2024

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What are the travel requirements to the Philippines?

COVID-19 is no longer considered a major threat to public health in the Philippines. As a result, the government has lifted the requirement for international travelers to show a vaccination certificate in order to enter the country. This means that anyone can now travel to the Philippines, regardless of whether they are vaccinated against COVID-19.
  1. 1. Travelers must have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months after departure from the Philippines.
  3. 2. Register and complete the eTravel Portal (replacing former One Health Pass registration). This can be done within 72h before arrival or upon arrival at the latest.
  5. 3. A return ticket to the port of origin or ticket to the next port of destination.

As a precaution, please always double check guidelines from your airlines and from Philippines Department of Tourism for latest regulations.

Although travel insurance is not required for entry to the Philippines, it is highly recommended. Find out the importance of having travel insurance and staying protected while traveling.

Do I need a visa to go to the Philippines?

Travelers from 158 countries are allowed to travel to the Philippines and stay up to 30 days without a visa. It is always recommended to check with your embassy to confirm your requirements before traveling.

U.S. and Australian nationals can enter the Philippines without a visa for 30 days for example. 

List of requirements:
  • – A passport valid for at least 6 months after departure from the Philippines.
  • – A return flight which date should not exceed the duration of their authorized trip/visa.
  • – Register and complete the eTravel Portal (replacing former One Health Pass). This can be done within 72h before arrival or upon arrival at the latest.
We recommend visa applicants to finalize their flight booking after receiving their visa as they may experience some queue during the application process. Visa processing time depends on the applicant’s country of nationality and if there are any immigration agreement between that country and the Philippines. 
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eTravel Portal to register prior to arrival in the Philippines

What is eTravel?

eTravel is the online platform for tourists to register prior to entering the Philippines. 

When to register on eTravel?

The registration on eTravel is opened within 72h before your arrival into the Philippines. 

How much does it cost to register on eTravel?

eTravel registration is free of charge.

If payment is asked to register or update information on eTravel, it might be a scam.

Does eTravel requires to download the mobile app?

No, eTravel is web-based and can be used online as long as you have an Internet connection. 

Is Travel Insurance mandatory?

While it is not a mandatory requirement, travel insurance is an absolute necessity when visiting the Philippines, especially due to the rising number of motorbike accidents in the country.


Based on PNP-HPG data, a total of 4,029 motorcycle crashes were reported from January to April this year compared to 8,342 incidents in the entire 2022, doubling the rate in 2023. (ref: Phil Star Global)


With a Travel Medical Insurance for the Philippines, individuals can protect themselves financially and medically in the event of an unfortunate accident. LUMA provides coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and even repatriation if needed.

Is there any requirements for OFW going back to Philippines?

Returning to the Philippines is a smoother process for OFWs compared to non-Filipino tourists. While both follow similar guidelines like having valid travel documents and registering on the eTravel platform, OFWs don’t need a visa since they’re Filipino citizens returning home.


What does OFW mean?

OFW stands for Overseas Filipino Worker. It refers to Filipino citizens who reside in another country for employment. 

What happens if I get Covid-19 in the Philippines or present symptoms?

Should you test positive to Covid-19 upon arrival at the airport in the Philippines, you will need to follow quarantine guidelines set by the Philippines’ Department of Health.


All travelers are asked to self-monitor for 7 days after arrival to the Philippines for any signs or symptoms of Covid-19. If tested positive once in the Philippines; foreign travelers need to self-isolate and report to the Local Government Unit. 


Please note costs of quarantine or medical treatment are borne by tourists. 

Are masks mandatory in the Philippines?

Since October 2022, masks are not mandatory in the Philippines except in healthcare facilities and public transportations. Wearing a face mask in other setting is voluntary although many Filipinos continue wearing face masks both indoors and outdoors.

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