About The Beekeper
With The Beekeeper, Phnom Penh Cambodia and Beekeeper House in Chiang Mai, Thailand (opens Quarter 1, 2022), Luma members can access a network of licensed mental health therapists, inpatient and outpatient services, plus referrals to local community support groups, hypnotherapist, occupational therapist, life coach, transformation coach and online resources. Another perk for Luma members is our Healthy Rewards Programme, with 10% savings on yoga, sound healing, and meditation (The Beekeeper, Cambodia only).


The Beekeeper, Phnom Penh Cambodia:
The Beekeeper is an independent mental health clinic and wellbeing centre in Phnom Penh that practices, and promotes, the bringing together of contemporary Western evidence-based theory with Eastern philosophical approaches to achieve powerful and positive outcomes for our clients.  Our approach is unique, and we have yet to find another practice that does everything we do in the way we do it.  Our work is considered by many as cutting edge. 

We offer interdisciplinary therapy services for a wide range of issues, whether they be for change of life concerns, complex mental health issues or specialist areas of work. Our qualified practitioners tailor their support to your client’s needs and are trained and across a continuum of care and support.

Therapy is conducted in beautiful therapy rooms which offer a confidential and safe environment, in line with international best practice. 

As a Luma member, you are eligible for:

Package Offer:

  • – Telemental (global) or in person therapy (Phnom Penh only) provided by a qualified and experienced therapist
  • – Up to 12 structured therapy sessions per person, per year
  • – Regular mental health articles 
  • – Access to mental health services without referrals
  • – Personalised treatment plans
  • – Full implementation, management, and support


Usual Price $1,500 – $1,275 for Luma Member 


A contract is not required to arrange therapy, we simply ask that your clients complete one of our intake forms and email it to [email protected] stating that you are a Luma member. 

The Beekeeper