Le Smash club offers a great variety of programs that answer to different goals in tennis. Junior Academy starts with 4 years old children until 18 years old. All groups are supervised by their international head-coaches, with a maximum of 4 children per court, arranged by level and age.

A tennis club is a very healthy place for children and teenagers to be around. Le Smash Club will be the place where your children like to be and hang out with friends as well as a place to train. They will get fantastic value from it.

It is a great place to enjoy tennis in a friendly atmosphere. Le Smash Club ‘s true essence lies in group programs, social events, tennis school and working to bring members and families together for the mutual love for the game.

As a Luma member, you are eligible for:

50% Off on Membership Fees at Le Smash Club & Tennis Academy 

Luma members can now enjoy 50% off membership fees at the Le Smash Club & Tennis Academy, one of Bangkok’s finest private tennis club, featuring 7 light-ons plexipave courts, a pro shop and a restaurant. 

Special Membership rates for Luma members (per year)

Individuals:   THB 5,000 (from 10,000)

Couple:        THB 9,000 (from 18,000)

Family:         THB 11,500 (from 23,000)

Youth:          THB 3,500 (from 7,000)

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