Tax Deductions

All Luma Asia Care policy holders are able to reduce taxable income by 25,000THB for the 2020 tax year.

A certificate issued by the insurer is mandatory for your income tax filing. Without the certificate, the revenue department may consider your health insurance premium ineligible for the purpose of income tax reduction.

In order for the insurer to send you the certificate, the revenue department requests that you submit your consent to your insurer. The insurer will then disclose your health insurance premium to the revenue department. Upon receiving this consent, the insurer will send you a certificate to be used for your tax filing (in 2021).

To obtain the certificate, please click the link below and complete the online form.

Important remarks:

  • The person who is eligible for tax deduction must be the policy holder
  • The person who is insured under group policy (under company name) is not eligible for tax deduction
  • The person who is eligible for tax deduction must be liable to pay tax on income sources from Thailand only

Important: Please submit the form by January 12 2021. Failure to send us the form before this date may waive your ability to receive the certificate.

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