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covid-19, Guide for Covid-19 in Myanmar

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Reduce Covid-19 spread or risk of infection by getting tested at home or at the workplace.

What happens if I’m tested positive to Covid-19 in Myanmar? Where do I have to go?

Individual who are tested positive to Covid-19 in Myanmar have to self-report online or contact Mohs immediately.

If I am infected/admitted with Covid-19 what happens to my family/room mate?

The Ministry of Health and Sports urges the public who have been in contact with Covid-19 infected patients to contact the nearest administration and health department as soon as possible.

What are the current restrictions on travel to/from and within Myanmar?

Myanmar has suspended international flights due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic until further notice.

Are expats accepted by government hospitals for test and treatment for Covid-19?
Does the government pay for medical expenses in Myanmar?

Expatriates are accepted by government hospitals but they would need to pay for their treatment themselves. 

Is there a phone number for emergency that I can call?

Yangon Regional Department of Public Health (+959 449001261, +959 794510057)

  • Mandalay Regional Department of Public Health (+959 2000344, +959 43099526)
  • Yangon Airport Health Quarantine Unit (+959 799983833)
  • Myanmar: Public Health Emergency Operation Center (+95 067 3420268)