Covid-19 Vaccine Resources

We have compiled all our published resources about Covid-19 Vaccine. Find more about the differences between all Covid-19 vaccines, their rollout strategy, and more.

Covid Vaccine development

How to Plan Your Company’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program in Thailand

With COVID-19 vaccines becoming accessible in Thailand, more companies are planning to provide vaccination for their workforce.

Covid 19 Vaccine side effects

Covid-19 Vaccine - What side effects could happen?

Common side effects to vaccines including pain and swelling when the shot was received, fever and chills are common when receiving a shot of Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine in Thailand opinion

Luma members' opinion about Covid Vaccine in Thailand

In January 2021, Luma members were invited to participate in a poll to collect their opinion about Covid-19 vaccine in Thailand.

Covid Vaccine rollout in Thailand

What Covid-19 Vaccine we should expect in Thailand

How and when approved Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines will be rolled out in Thailand in different phases.

Covid Vaccine rollout per country

How countries are rolling out their Covid-19 vaccination strategy

Comparison of the Covid-19 vaccination strategy from sample countries including Israel, France, UK, USA, Singapore, China and Russia.

Other useful readings

Covid Insurance

Covid Health Insurance In Thailand

Protect yourself and your loved ones against Covid-19, get Covid Health Insurance in Thailand with Luma. Discover all our Covid Insurances solutions.

Covid Guide

Covid-19 Guide

Check our Guide for Covid-19, including specific guidelines for Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Covid Vaccine in Thailand, Covid-19 Vaccine in Thailand

Book your Covid-19 PCR Test

Reduce Covid-19 spread or risk of infection by getting tested at home or at the workplace.

Luma Covid Care Insurance

Luma Covid Care

Covid-19 Vaccine Insurance in Thailand with coverage for inpatient treatment due to Covid-19 Vaccine allergic reactions.