Luma offers comprehensive health insurance solutions fitting seamlessly into expat and local lifestyles in Vietnam; offering great value yet comprehensive and international health care in Vietnam.

The Asia Care Plus health insurance plans are designed as long term medical insurance solutions for you and your family in Vietnam. No matter what your age, you will be able to renew your policy at the same rate as others in your age group. Your health insurance policy can also be renewed regardless of any presence of new medical conditions, acute or chronic. If you’re an expatriate, you’ll be able to schedule any planned treatments in your home country, depending on your selected zone.

Luma ASIA Care Plus Vietnam at a glance

Benefits of Asia Care Plus Vietnam

Plan 1
Essential Care
Plan 2
Balance Care
Plan 3
Superior Care
Plan 4
Premium Care
Plan 5
Platinum Care
Annual Limit1,000,000 USD1,000,000 USD1,000,000 USD1,600,000 USD1,600,000 USD
In-Patient / Hospitalization
CancerIn & Out PatientIn & Out PatientIn & Out PatientIn & Out PatientIn & Out Patient
Out-PatientUp to 6,000 USDUp to 6,000 USDUp to 6,000 USD
Routine Health Check UpUp to 200 USDUp to 200 USDUp to 200 USDUp to 500 USD
DentalUp to 1,000 USDUp to 2,500 USDUp to 2,500 USD
MaternityUp to 2,500 USDUp to 4,000 USDUp to 8,000 USD
VisionUp to 200 USDUp to 500 USDUp to 500 USD
Worldwide Emergencies
Chronic Medical Conditions
Medical Evacuation
Deductible (Optional): Nil | 500 USD | 1,000 USD | 6,000 USD
Co-Payment (Optional): 0 | 10% | 20%
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