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covid-19, Guide for Covid-19 in Laos

Book your Covid-19 PCR Test

Reduce Covid-19 spread or risk of infection by getting tested at home or at the workplace.

What happens if I’m tested positive to Covid-19 in Laos? Where do I have to go?

If tested positive to Covid-19, contact respective Embassy (if any) or Lao Ministry of Health (MOH) immediately.

If I am infected/admitted with Covid-19 what happens to my family/room mate?

Family members will need to observe a self quarantine of 14 days at home.

What are the current restrictions on travel to/from and within Laos?

Laos has suspended all their commercial international flights due to COVID-19.

Are expats accepted by government hospitals for test and treatment for Covid-19?
Does the government pay for medical expenses in Laos?

Expatriates are accepted by government hospitals. However both expatriates and Laotian nationals would need to pay for their treatment themselves. 

Is there a phone number for emergency that I can call?

Covid-19 Hotline: 166, 165 or 020 5406 6777