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Reduce Covid-19 spread or risk of infection by getting tested at home or at the workplace.

What happens if I’m tested positive to Covid-19 in Thailand? Where do I have to go?

If tested positive the hospital where you got tested will inform the Ministry of Public Health within 3 hours and you have to be admitted to either Bamrasnadura Infectious Diseases Institute or a hospital of your choice.

If I am infected/admitted with Covid-19 what happens to my family/room mate?

If the family members don’t show any symptoms or show only mild symptoms, they need to stay self-quarantine at home for 14 days. If symptoms such as high fever and/or shortness of breath, they need to be tested.

What are the current restrictions on travel to/from and within the country?

There are currently several visas available to enter Thailand during Covid.
Travelers need to go through a mandatory 14 day Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) in one of the approved hotels in Thailand, at the traveller’s expenses.


Regarding internal travel within Thailand, follow news from the Tourism Authoriy of Thailand (TAT) to check what provinces may be under special measures.

Are expats accepted by government hospitals for test and treatment for Covid-19? Does the government pay for medical expenses in Thailand?

Expatriates are accepted by government hospitals but they have to self pay in most cases. The hospitals have to report all Covid-19 positive to CDC.

If a patient has to be admitted to a private hospital for Covid-19 treatment, will the government pay for medical expenses?

The government will not pay medical expenses of foreigners. Foreigners need either a health insurance cover or self-pay their bills. Thai citizens are covered under Gold Card or Social Security.

Is there a phone number for emergency that I can call?

Hotline of the Office of International Cooperation (OIC) under the Department of Disease Control (DDC) – regarding Covid-19:

  • For foreigner only +66 (0) 96-847-8209
  • For Thai citizens call 1422 – from 8 am to 8 pm.
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