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Last update: April 22, 2022

Malaysia is reopening its borders for travel as the country transitions to the endemic phase of Covid-19. Although Malaysia is welcoming back tourists, traveling there could be a bit of a hassle without the right preparation. Here is some important information you should know before planning your trip to Malaysia.

Before Traveling to Malaysia

– Download MySejahtera mobile app, and complete the pre-departure procedure on the “Traveller” icon


– Verify overseas-issued Covid-19 certificates at


– For travelers above 7 years of age, complete the RT-PCR test within 2 days before departure. Travelers aged below 7 are exempted from taking the test


– Protect your trip with Covid-19 travel insurance with benefits of at least 20,000 USD as required


– Fully vaccinated travelers will be issued a “Digital Traveller’s Card” on the MySejahtera app


– Non-fully vaccinated travelers will be issued a digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO) on MySejahtera app


– For travelers who had been infected with Covid-19 within 60 days prior to travel, they are required to take the RTK-Antigent test conducted by professionals 2 days prior to departure

On Arrival & Quarantine

– Travelers are required to undergo a professional RTK-Ag test either at a private health facility or clinic approved by the Ministry of Health within 24 hours


– Travelers will undergo a fever screening if they have symptoms


– Fully-vaccinated travelers with a negative Covid-19 result are not required to undergo quarantine


– Partially or unvaccinated individuals will undergo mandatory 5-day quarantine at their accommodation


– Additional quarantine of 5 days will be required if tested positive again

What happens if you test positive for Covid-19 in Malaysia?

– Fully vaccinated travelers with no to mild symptoms will be required to undergo a 7-day quarantine at their accommodation. Fully vaccinated travelers with severe symptoms will be placed at either a private hospital or a PKRC (Covid-19 and Low-Risk Treatment Centre)


– Partially or unvaccinated travelers will be required to undergo a 10-day HSO

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