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Trip cancellation insurance provides financial protection in case you need to cancel your trip for reasons covered by the policy. Yet, understanding the intricacies of travel insurance can be complex. It’s crucial to grasp the precise scope of trip cancellation insurance. Delve deeper into this topic by reading our blog on Trip Cancellation Insurance.

trip cancellation insurance vietnam

Is Trip Cancellation recommended for Vietnam?

Trip cancellation insurance is optional for Vietnam, but it can provide valuable protection.


Think about it this way: if your flight costs are low and refundable, you might be okay skipping it. However, if you have booked expensive non-refundable flights or tours, trip cancellation insurance becomes a wise investment.


Let’s say you’ve booked those dream flights to Ho Chi Minh City and a non-refundable Ha Long Bay cruise.  If you get sick right before departure or face a family emergency, trip cancellation insurance would reimburse you for these prepaid costs, easing the financial burden.


Tailored Coverage for Your Vietnam Trip:  Travel insurance plans vary in their coverage for cancellations.  When choosing a plan,  make sure to read the “trip cancellation” or “covered reasons for cancellation” section carefully. Some typical covered reasons are: 


  • Medical emergencies: Unexpected illness or injury before or during your trip.
  • Natural disasters: Typhoons or floods that disrupt travel to Vietnam.
  • Political unrest: Civil unrest or unexpected events that make travel unsafe.


By understanding your coverage, you can travel to Vietnam with peace of mind, knowing you’re protected if the unexpected arises.

How much Trip Cancellation coverage do you need for Vietnam?

Actually, there isn’t a specific coverage number, it all depends on your costs to vietnam and how many are non-refundable. Because the cost of registering for trip cancellation insurance in Vietnam will depend on many factors such as geographical distance, the timing of booking flights (During peak tourist seasons in Vietnam, ticket prices will be higher than usual), and many other factors. Flight prices from various countries to Vietnam will fluctuate as follows: 

Tourists from the US: Ranging from 500 USD to 900 USD approximately.

  • Flight Route
  • Airline
  • Ticket Price (USD)
  • San Francisco – Ho Chi Minh
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • 500
  • New York – Ha Noi
  • Korean Air
  • 600
  • Los Angeles – Ho Chi Minh
  • China Airlines
  • 800
  • Los Angeles – Ha Noi
  • Alaska Airlines
  • 900

Tourists from Australia: Ranging from 400 AUD to 600 AUD approximately.

  • Flight Route
  • Airline
  • Ticket Price (AUD)
  • Sydney – Ha Noi
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • 450
  • Sydney – Ho Chi Minh
  • Bamboo Airways
  • 400
  • Melbourne – Ha Noi
  • Thai Airways Intl
  • 450
  • Melbourne – Ho Chi Minh
  • Bamboo Airways
  • 600


Trip Cancellation for Vietnam Examples:


Question: I had plans for Ha Long Bay, and everything was booked. But then, right before my trip to Vietnam, my appendix burst. I had emergency surgery and obviously couldn’t travel. My flights were thankfully refundable, but I’d also pre-paid for a cruise on Ha Long Bay that wasn’t.  Would trip cancellation insurance cover this?”


Answer: While it all depends on your travel policy, this would most likely be covered as it is a non-refundable purchase that was part of your holiday.

Question: I booked flights to Vietnam, but a few weeks before departure, the country announced a sudden typhoon warning for the central region where most of the tour was planned. I’m worried it won’t be safe to travel, and the airline company isn’t offering refunds.  Would trip cancellation insurance help?”

Answer: This could potentially be covered, depending on your specific policy wording.  Many travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation due to natural disasters like typhoons however there would need to be an official government statement.

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