Best Sim Card in Vietnam for Tourists: 2024 Guide


The top Tourist SIM Cards for 2024 are:

  • Viettel Tourist SIM: Tour 60 15-day 5GB Max Speed data plan for 60.000 VND
  • VINAPHONE Tourist SIM Card: R1 30MB-day for 50.000 VND
  • MobiFone Tourist SIM Card: SSEA1 15GB Max  Speed data plan for 500.000 VND
best tourist sim card Vietnam

When you arrive in Vietnam, you will be surprised by the conveniences for international travelers. The first thing you can see is that you can easily purchase a tourist SIM card anywhere. Below are the typical types of tourist SIM cards available in Vietnam.

Types of tourist SIM cards in Vietnam.

There are several types of tourist SIM cards available in Vietnam, depending on the purpose of use:

  • Data-only tourist SIM cards: These SIM cards are designed specifically to provide mobile data for internet access.
  • Voice-only tourist SIM cards: These SIM cards offer calling services, allowing users to make and receive calls.
  • Comprehensive tourist SIM cards: These SIM cards provide both calling services and data allowances for internet connectivity to meet various personal needs.
  • The network providers offer tourist SIM cards/international SIM cards in Vietnam.

The best tourist SIM card in VietNam

In Vietnam, there are many types of tourist SIM cards available on the market. But if choosing the most suitable SIM for your trip becomes difficult, don’t worry. Below are the 3 best types of tourist SIM cards when you travel to Vietnam.

  • 1. Viettel Tourist SIM

The first SIM card on the list is Viettel Tourist SIM. Viettel is the most trusted and widely used network provider in Vietnam. They frequently offer deals for on-net calls and provide free 4G/5G Viettel usage. Here are the calling rates for Viettel Tourist SIM:

  • Monthly subscription fee: 0 VND/month
  • Calling on-net Viettel numbers (mobile, landline): 890 VND/minute (initial 6-second block at 89 VND and subsequent seconds at 14.83 VND)
  • Calling off-net Viettel numbers (mobile, landline): 990 VND/minute (initial 6-second block at 99 VND and subsequent seconds at 16.50 VND)
  • Calling to 069 numbers: 693 VND/minute (initial 6-second block at 69.3 VND and subsequent seconds at 11.55 VND)

Buy Viettel Tourist SIM Card Here

The data packages of the Viettel SIM card are as follows:

Package Name/Code




  • 5GB at Max Speed

  • 15-day Unlimited Internet with good speed

60.000 VNĐ


  • 30-day Unlimited Internet

  • The free first 20 mins of each domestic on-net-calls

  • 20 mins of International calls

(*)International calls to China, Korea, USA, Hong Kong, Russia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste

120.000 VNĐ


  • 30-day Unlimited Internet

  • 100 mins of domestic calls

  • 20 mins of International calls

(*)International calls to China, Korea, USA, Hong Kong, Russia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste

200.000 VNĐ



The calling and texting (SMS) packages of Viettel SIM card are as follows:

Package Name/Code





160.000 VNĐ



180.000 VNĐ



250.000 VNĐ

  • 2. VINAPHONE Tourist SIM Card

Similarly to Viettel, the Vinaphone tourist SIM card is one of the most popular SIM cards in Vietnam. Vinaphone network has international partnerships with 19 countries (21 networks), covering most of the favorite destinations for Vietnamese travelers, including: Australia, the United States, China, Thailand, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE.

Buy Vinaphone Tourist SIM Card Here

How to register for a tourist SIM card with Vinaphone:

When using the Vinaphone Tourist SIM card, you only need to subscribe to Vinaphone Roaming packages and activate international roaming services to use all the preferential packages offered by this network.

After successful registration, compose a text message with the following syntax to register for the usage package:

DK <Package name> send to 9123.

Packages of Vinaphone SIM card:

Package Name/Code




+ 50.000 VNĐ

+ 30MB/day available

50.000 VNĐ


+ 100.000 VNĐ

+ 100MB/day available

100.000 VNĐ


+ 300.000 VNĐ

+ 600MB/day available

300.000 VNĐ


+ 1.000.000 VNĐ

+ 2,500MB/day available

500.000 VNĐ

  • 3. MobiFone Tourist SIM Card

Unlike other types of SIM cards, MobiFone tourist SIM cards are often used for data access with various attractive packages. MobiFone provides access to almost all territories with nearly 500 network operators to offer the best quality mobile information services for foreign tourists visiting Vietnam.

Buy MobiFone Tourist SIM Card Here

How to use international SIM with MobiFone:

MobiFone offers tourist packages when purchasing an international SIM card. To use, users need to subscribe to packages as follows:

  • Type: DK CVQT send to 999 or 0931#
  • Or DK CVQT ALL send to 999 or press 0932#

Packages of the MobiFone SIM card:

Package Name/Code




  • 120 minutes of international calls
  • 40 minutes of on-net calls
  • 15GB of high-speed data.

500.000 VNĐ


  • 60 minutes of international calls
  • 15 minutes of on-net calls
  •  5GB of high-speed data.

250.000 VNĐ

Happy Tourist

  • 20 minutes of international calls.
  • 40 minutes of off-net calls.
  •  8GB of high-speed data.


best sim card vietnam

How to buy the best tourist SIM card in Vietnam

Owning a quality tourist SIM card makes your trip much easier. In Vietnam, it’s not difficult to find a tourist SIM card vendor. In fact, you can even order online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Below are simple ways for you to obtain a tourist SIM card in Vietnam.

  • Purchase at retail locations of network providers

    • If you get lost in Vietnam, don’t worry, just find and ask any local person for the nearest SIM card store and you will find it. Currently, all network providers in Vietnam distribute their retail locations nationwide. You can easily find Viettel Stores when traveling in Vietnam. Retail locations of network providers such as VinaFone or Mobifone are also very common.
  • Buy SIM cards at the airport

    • This is the quickest and simplest way. For serving foreign tourists upon entry into Vietnam. All international airports in Vietnam such as Noi Bai International Airport, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, etc., have tourist SIM card counters located at the airports. All you need to do is just ask the airport staff where the registration area is.
  • Buy SIM cards at some telecommunications service business stores

    • Similar to 7-Eleven in many Asian countries, well-known retail chains in Vietnam like Cellphone S, FPT, The gioi di dong… now also offer tourist SIM cards. They provide a full range of SIM cards from network providers such as Viettel, MobiFone, Vinaphone… And especially, you can register online through their hotline.
  • Tips for buying the best SIM cards when traveling in Vietnam 

  • Choosing tourist SIM cards with large data allowances.

    • When visiting a new country, you often use your phone to explore, access information about famous landmarks. Along with that, in Vietnam, there are many conveniences for transportation, ordering food, booking hotels… Everything requires access through phone data, so owning a tourist SIM card with high-speed access is essential.

  • Small tip: Take advantage of free Wi-Fi wherever you go.

  • Check compatibility between your phone and the SIM

    • Make sure the tourist SIM card you purchase fits the SIM slot on your device. If you plan to travel to multiple countries in one trip, you should choose to buy a global tourist SIM card instead of buying SIM cards in each country. This will save you a lot of costs!
  • Consider activation, deactivation, and top-up requirements for the tourist SIM card

    • Before purchasing a tourist SIM card, carefully research how to activate, deactivate, and top up the account or extend the SIM card. Some tourist SIM cards may activate automatically, while others may require manual activation steps. To ensure a smooth usage process, you need to understand these details.
  • Read the terms and conditions of use for the tourist SIM card

  • Before buying a tourist SIM card, read the terms and conditions of use provided by the network provider. This helps you understand the limitations and conditions when using tourist SIM card services, including data limits, call limits, messaging, and fee terms. If there is any point you do not understand or need further clarification, ask the seller before purchasing the SIM.

Tourist SIM cards are one of the indispensable tools for any traveler in Vietnam. To enjoy a wonderful trip, let’s explore more useful tips on choosing the best tourist SIM card in Vietnam. Hopefully, with this information, you will be able to choose the appropriate SIM card for your upcoming overseas trips!

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