Thailand Weather in November

The Thailand weather in November is delightful as it transitions into the cool and dry season. Temperatures range from approximately 75°F ≈ 23.89°C to 88°F ≈ 31.11°C, creating a comfortable climate for outdoor adventures and sightseeing. Humidity levels decreased significantly compared to the previous months, leading to more comfortable conditions. 

Thailand Weather November

Weather Conditions in Thailand in November

Expect cooler and drier Thailand weather in November as the rainy season ends. Humidity levels decrease, and rainfall significantly diminishes, leading to clearer skies and more sunshine. Across the country, temperatures are favorable, making it one of the best times to visit Thailand. The cooler and dry weather makes sightseeing and enjoying outdoor activities comfortable. 


Since November is a popular time to visit Thailand, you may have to deal with the tourist crowds, especially in famous tourist attractions. Nevertheless, the pleasant weather makes it all worth it.


Rainfall diminishes considerably across the country, resulting in clearer skies and abundant sunshine. With the end of the rainy season, Thailand has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists seeking to explore its cultural attractions, natural landscapes, and pristine beaches.


November marks the beginning of the high tourist season in Thailand, particularly in popular destinations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. Expect bustling streets, vibrant festivals, and lively markets during this time. It’s a time when the country comes alive with energy and excitement and when you can experience its diverse beauty and rich culture to the fullest.


Air Quality in Different Parts of Thailand in November

Thailand generally experiences good air quality in November as the rainy season ends. With decreased humidity and rainfall, pollution levels decline, leading to clearer skies and improved breathing conditions.

Central Thailand enjoys improved air quality as the rainy season subsides. With decreased agricultural burning, pollution levels decrease, resulting in clearer skies.

Due to reduced agricultural burning and industrial activities in November, Northern Thailand will enjoy a decrease in pollution levels, leading to clearer skies and better breathing conditions in the region.

Like most regions in Thailand, Southern Thailand generally enjoys good air quality in November as the rainy season concludes. Since there will be a decrease in humidity and rainfall, pollution levels also decrease, resulting in clearer skies.


What to Pack for Thailand in November

Here’s a list of things to pack for Thailand in November:

  • – Clothing – pack light and breathable clothing suitable for warm temperatures during the day, as November marks the end of the rainy season and the onset of cooler, drier weather.
  • – Lightweight jacket or sweater- although November brings warmer and drier weather, evenings can still be cooler, so pack a lightweight jacket or sweater for added comfort.
  • – Sunscreen and sunglasses – protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s UV rays, which can still be strong despite the decrease in rainfall.
  • – Insect repellent – while the rainy season is ending, it’s still advisable to bring insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes and other insects, especially in tropical areas.
  • – Comfortable walking shoes – choose comfortable and durable walking shoes for exploring Thailand’s diverse landscapes and attractions.
  • – Swimwear for beach outings – enjoy Thailand’s beautiful beaches and islands by packing swimwear for swimming and sunbathing.
  • – Portable umbrella or rain poncho – while the end of the rainy season means less rainfall, it’s still wise to bring a portable umbrella or rain poncho for unexpected showers.
  • – Hat or cap – shield yourself from the sun’s rays with a hat or cap, which also helps keep you cool during outdoor activities.
  • – Daypack – carry a small daypack for excursions and day trips to hold essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, and a camera.

Does it Rain in Thailand in November?

Yes, sporadic showers may still occur in Thailand in November, particularly in southern regions. However, they are infrequent and brief. November marks the end of the rainy season in the country, with significantly decreased rainfall. Central and northern areas experience minimal rainfall, offering clearer skies and drier conditions.


What to Do in Thailand in November

Here are some of the best things to do in Thailand in November:

  • Attend the Yi Peng Lantern Festival – experience the magical Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai. Taking place around the middle of November, you’ll witness thousands of lanterns being released into the night sky, signifying new beginnings and good luck.
  • Discover the Floating Markets of Amphawa – experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Amphawa Floating Market near Bangkok, where you can shop for local handicrafts, sample delicious street food, and cruise along the canal.
  • Explore Sukhothai Historical Park – wander through the ancient ruins of Sukhothai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Thailand, and marvel at the well-preserved temples and sculptures dating back to the 13th century.
  • Visit Khao Sok National Park – explore the stunning limestone cliffs, emerald-green lakes, and lush rainforests of Khao Sok National Park through jungle treks, boat rides, and wildlife spotting.
  • Feast on Thai Street Food – indulge in Thailand’s diverse and flavorful street food offerings, from spicy som tam to savory pad thai, available at bustling night markets and roadside stalls.
  • Take a Cooking Class – if you’re curious about how to prepare authentic Thai dishes, join a hands-on cooking class, where you’ll visit local markets, select fresh ingredients, and master traditional recipes under the guidance of experienced chefs.
  • Relax on the Beaches of Krabi – take advantage of the pleasant Thailand weather in November to unwind on the pristine beaches of Krabi, known for their turquoise waters, limestone karsts, and picturesque sunsets, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.
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