Personal Accident for Travel Insurance Thailand

Personal accident insurance provides financial benefits in case of accidental death, permanent disability, or temporary disability due to an accident during your trip in Thailand. It is not a common benefit travelers look for or even want to claim. Read our blog on Personal Accident Insurance to get a full understanding.

personal accident thailand

Is Personal Accident Insurance recommended for Thailand?

This would depend on what exactly you partake in when you are in Thailand.


Trip Activities: If you’re planning on adventurous activities like motorbike riding or hiking, personal accident insurance can be a wise investment due to the higher risk of accidents.


If you will be doing outdoor activities then having personal accident insurance is recommended.


However if you’re on a business trip where you will attend meetings and visit restaurants, then personal accident insurance will not be at the top of your list.


This benefit is also included in a package and is not a stand alone benefit you purchase. The benefits outweighs the cost, considering the safety net of having a comprehensive personal accident can be worth it.


How much Personal Accident coverage do you need for Thailand?

If you opt for a personal accident coverage then it is best to make sure you have the two following covered specifics if you encounter a personal accident in Thailand.


Death Benefit: This is a payout to your beneficiaries in case of accidental death. Consider your financial situation and how much support your loved ones might need.


Permanent Disability Benefit: This usually provides 100% payment of your coverage amount if you’re permanently disabled due to an accident. The amount should ideally cover your living expenses and potential ongoing medical needs.


There is no specific number as each person’s financial and family situation will differ. Best way is to calculate based on your situation considering the two main coverages mentioned above.

Personal Accident Insurance in Thailand: Examples


Question: I was trekking in Chiang Mai and I twisted my ankle and now I can’t walk properly. Can this be covered under my personal accident?

Answer: Unfortunately this would not be covered. Normally under the personal accident the injury sustained must have a permanent disability. This would be best covered under an OPD medical expense.


Question: My friend sustained a very bad blindness because he was taking a picture with one of the fire performers in Krabi and the sparks went into one of his eyes and now he can not see. We have been to the doctor and they have said he is permanently bling. Can he claim for his personal accident?

Answer: Yes this would most likely be covered if the insurance policy covers blindness due to an accident.

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