Crime in Thailand

  • – Petty Theft: Travel light, secure belongings, minimize phone exposure.
  • Scams: Beware of taxi scams, overpriced gems, and fake tours.
  • – Motorbike Theft: Rent responsibly, secure belongings, ride with caution.
crime in thailand

Understanding the Common Crimes:

  • 💰Petty Theft: Crowded tourist hotspots like markets, public transportation hubs, and popular attractions are prime hunting grounds for pickpockets and bag snatchers. These swift criminals often target unsuspecting tourists. Here’s how to outsmart them


  • 🗣️Scams: Unfortunately, some individuals attempt to exploit tourists through deceitful practices. Here are some common scams to be aware of:


  • 🚕Taxi Scams: Taxis refusing to use the meter or taking longer routes to inflate the fare are common occurrences.
    • Safety Tip: Insist on using the meter before getting in. If the driver refuses, politely decline and hail another taxi. Consider using ride-hailing apps like Grab, which offer more transparency and security.
  • 💎Overpriced Gems: Pushy salespeople at gem shops may try to sell overpriced or even fake gemstones.
    • Safety Tip: Do your research beforehand and only visit reputable gem shops recommended by guidebooks or your hotel concierge.
  • 🎫Fake Tours: Unlicensed operators may offer cheap tours that turn out to be disappointing or even dangerous.
    • Safety Tip: Book tours through reputable travel agencies or directly with established tour operators with good reviews.
  • 🏍️Motorbike Theft: Motorbikes are a convenient and affordable way to explore Thailand, but they’re also targets for theft. Here’s how to minimize the risk:
    • Rent responsibly: Only rent from licensed motorbike rental shops. Ensure the motorbike is in good condition and comes with proper insurance


🚨Emergency Numbers: Memorize important emergency numbers: Police – 199, Tourist Police – 1155, Ambulance – 1669. Having these numbers readily available can be crucial in case of an emergency.

Having travel insurance can be one measure you can take to safeguard yourself. There is usually a benefit for Lost Baggage which will cover you for your stolen baggage with coverage limitations of course. However the risk of losing your baggage without coverage is worse. Check out some of your options for travel insurance to Thailand.

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