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Although travel restrictions have eased and Asia is reopening, there are still health risks you should be wary of when traveling abroad. Luma ASEAN Pass provides the essential coverage that meets the insurance requirement and peace of mind in case you require medical treatments during your trip to Asia. 

Luma ASEAN Pass

Luma ASEAN Pass, 4 travel insurance plans for Asia that includes coverage for Covid-19

See all benefits and limits of Luma ASEAN Pass Travel Insurance in the below table and scroll down this page to see Terms and Conditions, Policy Wording and indicative pricing per period and zone of coverage.

CoverageEconomyPremium EconomyBusinessFirst
Medical ExpensesUp to limitUp to limitUp to limitUp to limit
Follow-up Care5,650 USD5,650 USD5,650 USD5,650 USD
Emergency EvacuationUp to limitUp to limitUp to limitUp to limit
RepatriationUp to limitUp to limitUp to limitUp to limit
Hospital Cash Allowance--650 USD870 USD
Additional Costs of Travel & Accommodation--3,050 USD4,350 USD
Family Member Visit--3,050 USD4,350 USD
Return of Children--3,050 USD4,350 USD
Mortal Remains1,750 USD1,750 USD1,750 USD2,600 USD
II. PERSONAL ACCIDENT17,400 USD17,400 USD17,400 USD43,500 USD
Baggage and Personal Effects--700 USD1,300 USD
Baggage Delay--100 USD200 USD
Loss of Travel Document--1,300 USD1,750 USD
Personal Money--200 USD350 USD
Travel Delay Cash Allowance--100 USD150 USD
Curtailment of Trip or Cancellation Charges--4,000 USD5,650 USD
Personal Liability--56,500 USD87,000 USD
Rental Car Excess Cover--250 USD450 USD
Terms and Conditions for Luma ASEAN Pass:
  1. 1. The earliest policy start date shall be the purchase date, not before.
    2. The maximum period of insurance for this Policy shall be 180 consecutive calendar days.
    3. Applicants must be aged from 4 weeks to 75 years old.
    4. Children under the age of 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult who is also insured under the same Policy.
    5. The sum insured for Personal Accident for children under 18 years old shall not exceed 17,400 USD.
    6. Policy holders shall submit claims within 6 months after occurred date of the claims.
    7. There is no direct billing for medical expenses unless the expenses exceed 1,000 USD and that the arrangement is coordinated by the Insurer or its designated assistance company.
    8. This policy does not cover preexisting conditions, general exclusions nor medical expenses exclusions as stated in the Policy Wording.
  2. 9. The zone of coverage of Luma ASEAN Pass refers to the countries eligible for coverage as stated in the Certificate of Insurance. You will be covered during your insurance policy period for regional or multiple trips within countries included in the zone of coverage.
  3. 10. This Policy is only valid for leisure travel or business travel (limited to administrative and non manual works only) and NOT cover for travel to any of the countries within the zone of coverage to seek for medical treatment.
  4. 11. In case the Insured’s country of origin is one country within eligible zone of coverage, the Policy does NOT cover for any losses or expenses arising from the country of origin of the Insured.
  5. 12. In case the Insured would like to purchase another policy after first policy expires, there shall be no gap in coverage and total duration of coverage of all policies combined shall not exceed 180 days.
    Policy holders reaching 76 years old during the policy are not eligible to purchase a new policy.
    Any event or condition that occurred before the new policy start date is considered pre-existing and the Insured is not able to claim for any of these conditions under the new policy. Should the Insured be actively treated or under the supervision of a Physician or Surgeon, the Insured is not eligible to purchase another policy.

How to buy Luma ASEAN Pass

  • 1
    Step 1 - Enter travel details
    Select travel dates.
    Arrival date = start date of your travel insurance policy
    Departure date = end date of your travel insurance policy
    Select details about Country of Departure, Country of Arrival (in case of multiple trips within the region, simply enter first destination country), Zone of Coverage, Country of Residence and Number of Travellers (bulk application up to 10 pax per time).
  • 2
    Step 2 - Select your plan
    Please refer to the respective embassy to check latest entry regulations, especially in terms of minimum insurance requirements, if any. In case of multiple trips within the region under the same travel policy, we strongly recommend that you select the highest plan according to the country with the strictest insurance requirements.
  • 3
    Step 3 - Fill your personal details
    Please make sure to input your correct email address, the certificate of insurance will be sent to the email address informed.
  • 4
    Step 4 - Edit / Validate order
  • 5
    Step 5 - Proceed to payment
  • 6
    Receive Certificate of Insurance by email
    The Certificate of Insurance and details about your coverage will be sent to the email you have provided upon application. The Certificate will include a clear mention of the limit of the policy, in USD and including Medical Expenses for Covid-19.
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“Luma ASEAN Pass” is the commercial name of the travel insurance policy insured by Bao Long Insurance Corporation, distributed globally by Luma International and serviced by Luma Care Co. Ltd.