The Thrive Approach

Why Health Coaching?

Slowly seeing bodily expansions emerging around the midsection yet not able to shed it consistently and sustainably? And keeping it off?

Modern times ask a lot of our bodies. We are slowly forgetting that true wealth lies in health.

In today’s society, this becomes a crucial part of maintaining a thriving business and a sustainable personal lifestyle. While complexity reigns supreme across the internet, The Thrive Approach was founded to eliminate those intricacies by keeping it simple and sustainable. 

Our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle is a catalyser for weight gain and underlying diseases. My simple yet straightforward health coaching methodology can get you back on the thriving track.

From nutrition to productivity, sleep and movement, all of my client’s success stories are based on knowing how internally everything works and taking into account your lifestyle. And using techniques which you will not find on the internet.

My coaching method revolves around simple, strategic and science-supported methods to get you thriving.

The secret of your success lies within you. 

As a certified weight loss and health coach, and personal fitness trainer, I am ready, willing and able to team up with you and guide you through your weight loss journey. I am taking the complexity out of weight loss to get you thriving again.

– Niels Steeman, founder of The Thrive Approach


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