About the Sarnies Group
Sarnies Group is more than just a chain of cafes. There’s no cookie-cutter for their concepts –  every Sarnies experience looks and feels different from the moment you step in. From quality cafe grub and freshly roasted coffee to handcrafted sourdough bread, pizzas and pastries. Sarnies group is fuelled by a collective passion for quality flavors and experiences, brought to customers’ homes through their online store. Purchase goods from any one of their outlets in just one checkout for simple, fuss-free experiences and wholesome meals.

Sarnies Cafe Bangkok
Sarnies is an Australian-style café menu loaded with Thai and other Asian flavors with the majority of ingredients sourced locally and much of it organic. Just like their Singapore outpost, almost everything is made from scratch from the house-cured bacon, the lychee wood-smoked salmon, and pickled ingredients. We modeled the cafe on the things that we enjoy as customers. Simple food, big portions, and good music. Our goal was to build approachability into every element rather than trying to compete with all the other super fancy establishments out there.

Sarnies Roastery
Sarnies Roastery is the latest concept by the Sarnies group and an extension of the group’s growing coffee program over the years. Fans of Sarnies now get to witness the full coffee roasting experience front and center, along with the same quality cuppa and as always, a food-forward cafe experience. Eat, sip and relish in Sarnies roastery’s pinewood interior, which pays homage to the pine trees dotted along the canal, fitting for the Soi’s name – Ton Son

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